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Random Quote

Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. - J.C. Watts

I don't really know why anyone would be at my user page right now as I am sure many other important items need to be done and dealt with. Wouldn't you agree Unknown? Well I don't know if you would or not but welcome to my userpage.

I started out as Fofo7848 and have made many accounts since but that has always been my main. I am now known as Ancient Hero.

Please Remember this Page was made to fit Monobook because it is the wikia style that I prefer.

Skills Character Explanation
Ancient Hero
Total level: 1582
Attack 91 Constitution 92 Mining 69
Strength 90 Agility 57 Smithing 59
Defence 86 Herblore 50 Fishing 63
Ranged 86 Thieving 58 Cooking 73
Prayer 70 Crafting 56 Firemaking 51
Magic 75 Fletching 51 Woodcutting 68
Runecrafting 44 Slayer 82 Farming 43
Construction 44 Hunter 23 Summoning 74
Dungeoneering 27 Divination ---- Invention ----
Archaeology ---- Attack style icon fixed.png 121 Quest.png 179
Music icon.png 501 Task icon.png ---- RuneScore.png ----
As of 08/07/11

World 39

Combat level
Defence 86 Constitution 92
Prayer 70 Summoning 74
Attack 91 121.25 121
Strength 90
Ranged 86 118.25 118
Magic 75 111.25 111
I am a combat/slayer player. I really don't like to work on my other skills as much because they bore me and the time I do get to play Runescape, I would rather enjoy and have fun. I do admit that I bet I would have more fun if I raised my skills and quested more but I'll get around to that. Its a long term goal of course. With a high combat level many random players think that I know a lot about the game but I really don't know much and am probably much more of a noob than many here. I have a list of items I wish to acquire one day but I have a feeling that I won't be able to obtain them all. The staff of light, ahrims, an arcane spirit shield and a few other items are on that list.

I would love to train all my skills past level 50 but I think by now you know that slayer and combat is what I usually tain. Despite this I am pretty bad at pvp and pvm activities. My connection is not so good and so I find myself lagging at the worst of moments, Jad, God Wars Dungeon and the likes, even the Giant Mole! Now that I think about it, I haven't even played all the mini gamee in Runescape. :o I always took breaks inbetween playing time periods and so I missed out on a lot of stuff. Some games I have never played or looked into are soul wars, stealing creation and almost any new one.

Other Info
I love quests and completing them. However what throws me off is the skilling involved and time spent grinding. I finished all the Free-to-Play quests when I was a f2p player just for the sake of doing them. However f2p, as good as it may be, isn't that fun after awhile and gets stale fast. The grinding for quests is worth doing as the rewards are really awesome and so I really recommend you do quests as it unlocks a whole lot more content and areas to explore, along with epic storylines.

Attack: 91Strength: 90Defence: 86Ranged: 86Prayer: 70Magic: 75Runecrafting: 44Construction: 44Dungeoneering: 27Constitution: 92Agility: 57Herblore: 50Thieving: 58Crafting: 56Fletching: 51Slayer: 82Hunter: 23Mining: 69Smithing: 59Fishing: 63Cooking: 73Firemaking: 51Woodcutting: 68Farming: 43Summoning: 74179 quest pointsCombat: 121
(hover icons for levels)

Current Goals[edit | edit source]

My Current Goals:
Slayer 74%
83  86 
3 levels
Jadinko Guards is the way to go now ... R.I.P Whip

Summoning 67%
79  83 
4 levels
To be able to summon the second line of Titans I believe.

Coins detail.png 1%
98,500,000 gp
Who doesn't like Money?
What more can I say Unknown? I am just a regular old noob. I apologise in advance if I offend anyone in our FC (r.i.p) or in our Clan Chat. This is the fourth time I am working on my Userpage, this time with a quickpreview button since the last three times my computer gave me some trouble and said wiki was down apparently and so I lost my changes, so if you haven't noticed I totally stole this off my friend User:Tirrian gant's page and the quotes idea was a stolen idea from another old friend User:Tawn21 (Remember to always cite your work, or else it is plagerism XD). Anyways if you have made it to the end of this page, I applaud you. If anyone could offer tips on training dungeoneering (haven't done it at all in p2p) or even tips on how to grind for questing, let me know on my talk page. If you just want to chat let me know as well. Since I came out of inactivity on Runescape my old friends list is empty (it was a bunch of red names who never came online). I'll be in the CC most of the time though. If you are an old friend stop by to say hi, its nice to see the old people from the forums and game sometimes. If you got any decent money making tips, let me know again.

Oh after all this I forgot to mention that I am a University student studying neuroscience, where psychology meets psychiatry!