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The first thing you would notice about hard mode in Barbarian Assault is that the minigame has seriously gotten...harder. Penance Fighters and Rangers now have an adrenaline bar above their heads which they will use it to unleash ultimates when it reaches 100%. Runners explode when they die or eat the wrong food. And finally Healers heal an insane amount of health to their kind.

As such, it is absolutely important that everyone knows their individual roles and have fully mastered the basics of Barbarian Assault: Normal Mode before attempting such a folly. By that it means calling for your teammates on every single switch and adapting to the new styles immediately. For the sooner you accomplish your role, the easier it will be exponentially for everyone.

The purpose of this guide is to give you a mental image of the final wave and what every role's responsibility is in BA:HM. I will break it down into smaller bits so if you are starting off, just read under your own section of the role you are taking to avoid the wall of text.


When all the Penance Creatures are dead. The King will emerge from the central area marked by the symbol of the Penance and start slapping people. He will then start moving slowly towards his first target to SLAP them for approximately 25% of their health. He will also spawn his own MINIONS which too will home in on the nearest target and EXPLODE (by this I mean and AOE of 5x5) for 25% of their HP, about 2500dmg.

So that makes you want to constantly run away from them as much as you can and keep a safe distance. You can shoot the Minions (250hp) to explode them from a safe distance. And you can shoot the King to get his attention away from your friends, although this will not do any damage but to pull him towards you.

The only way to kill the King is to use a special Flamethrower made of his parts to turn on himself.

Once a while, the King will say out a few lines to indicate that he is HUNGRY or something like that. You will need to drop a piece of poisoned meat (not the one from the Healer's machine) taken from the dispenser on the WEST wall. The King will get lured by the food and eat it. When he does that he will vomit out one piece of JUNK. This junk is different for everyone and is visible only to the player:

Healer - Bucket (use it on the pool of acid the King vomits)[edit | edit source]
Attacker - Metal Scrap (use it on the anvil on the EAST wall)[edit | edit source]
Collector - Broken Helm (use it on the anvil on the EAST wall)[edit | edit source]
Defender - Penance Hide (use it on the lava vents on the EAST wall)[edit | edit source]

Everyone will have to smith 5 of each of their role specific item into useful FLAMETHROWER worthy parts. After which run to the WEST wall to deposit them into the Lift-like Contraption. Once everyone has deposited their 5 parts, a message will pop up in the chat box in yellow indicating that "FLAMETHROWERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!"

Go back to the lift contraption to collect your Flamethrower.

*heaves breath*

Now comes the next step. You have your Flamethrower but you cant just use it to flame the King right away. He will just walk up to you and slap you in the face. You will need to STUN him with an INCANTATION, or a magic spell for short. 

This magic spell is made of 5 parts (what a surprise). Each in a SCROLL visible and unique to the player. To get this SCROLL, HIT THE KING ONCE WITH A RANGED WEAPON. He will drop it on the ground (seen as a RED DOT on the minimap). You will need to pick it up. You can use RESONANCE to avoid his slap once to zip in for the loot OR you can just skirt around and hope that he gets distracted and leave the scroll open for you to pick up.

When you have your scroll it will appear in your inventory and a new Heads-Up Display (HUD) will appear on your screen. CLICK ON THE SCROLL IN YOUR INVENTORY TO INSPECT IT. The spell word will appear in the chat box. In front of you on the HUD there's 5 UNLIT SCROLLS (Flamma, Exuro, Debelito, Ignis, Labefacto) in a jumbled order.

You will have to wait for the previous scroll to LIGHT UP before you can click on your UNLIT SCROLL ON THE HUD. In this case Debelito has to wait for Exuro which has to wait for Flamma. 

When i say click on the unlit scroll I really mean click the scroll on the HUD. Just click it and it will light up if it is your turn to say it. If the spell is said in the wrong order it will become unlit so just click again in order.

Once all 5 scrolls are lit up, the King will become stunned and collapse. Immediately rush towards him and equip your Flamethrower and start slow roasting him. If everyone chip in, you can burn about 1/4 to 1/3 of his hp before he regains consciousness. You will see him stir and slam the ground. RUN AWAY IMMEDIATELY or he will slap everyone around him. Each time he collapses like this and gets up, his Slap Attack will increase approximately 10% in damage (25%, 35%, 45%). This makes getting near him more and more dangerous. 

Once again, after he gets up. SHOOT HIM ONCE to get your scroll again. Use whatever method you find comfortable but just stay on the safe side and don't take risks if you can. A single slap is another trip for the Healer to run towards you to patch up your mistake, putting his life in jeopardy as well. Inspect your scroll, click on the scroll on the HUD, wait for the King to collapse, roast him, wait for him to stir, collect scroll again.

You will have to collect and read the scrolls at least 3 times to be able to roast him totally. When he is really dead, everyone will be transported out as changed adults. Pat yourself on the back because it wasn't easy.

ROLE SPECIFIC DETAILS[edit | edit source]

***To save yourself in tight situations, put Freedom on your ability bar to clear the Fighters and Ranger's Ultimates (Slaughter, Deadshot). Bring a shield so you can use Resonance to get out of tight spots. And finally Bring an Enhanced Excalibur if you have one to give yourself a healing chance.***

1. Attackers[edit | edit source]

First of all, ditch your melee weapons. Use that and you will die in the king wave. Use ranged weapons and by that I mean you can use magic as well. The King will slap you for a percentage of your health if you get too close and you would want to range mobs to avoid taking damage from Fighters in normal waves.

In hard mode, all Fighters and Rangers gain an uncanny ability to store adrenaline. They are far more accurate and vast in numbers in hard mode (imagine wave 7 onwards in normal mode). It is always key to learn to LURE them together to the WEST CANNON and STAY on the platform to avoid taking melee damage. Also when you LURE them together, your AOE attacks will hit all of them and the collector/defender can effectively RED EGGS BARRAGE them.

Staying on the cannon platform is KEY to surviving the endless onslaught from the creatures and makes the job of the Healer much more realistic. Staying on the ground will deplete your hp fast and open up opportunities for the creatures to unleash Ultimates upon you and your teammates. Therefore, STAY on the platform and use your ranged abilities to LURE and KILL the Penance Creatures.

When you are done doing your thing as attackers you will run to the East side of the map beside the anvil and wait there. Continue staying there until the Healer calls out to collect the parts. Once you have 5 METAL SCRAPS, smith them on the anvil on the East wall and deposit the 5 BARRELS on the west wall. Once you've done that wait for others to deposit their parts too. At all times keep a lookout for the King and detonate any spawns wandering towards you with your ranged weapons. 

Collect your flamethrower once it is announced available in the chat box and attempt to get your scroll from the King. 

2. Healers[edit | edit source]

Hands down the most difficult life of the 4 roles, if you are tasked as a Healer you have to constantly stay alert on 3 things: 

1. Your Teammates' Health[edit | edit source]
2. Killing Healers and Calling for Defenders[edit | edit source]
3. Provoking the King's attention unto you[edit | edit source]

Such is the life of a Healer, it's your responsibility to keep everyone alive including yours. I would recommend getting another Healer to help you out if you cannot manage because when things become hectic you would have wished you have tentacles to help you out.

Once every single Penance Creature is dead, one healer will stay behind at the healing pool and do something called the Heal Tank. Because the healer can drink directly from the pool, he is able to take the hits from the King and keep himself alive. If you are such a healer, grab a few pieces, about 10+, of the SPECIAL Poisoned Meat (not the one you already have) from the WEST dispenser. Provoke the King and pull him towards the healing pool where he will start slapping you.

Keep doing that until he says that he's hungry. Click on the special Poisoned Meat in your inventory to drop one on the ground. The King will stop slapping momentarily to eat the bait. He will then vomit from the reaction and a BUCKET will appear on the ground. Pick up the BUCKET and use it on the ACID VOMIT to scoop up the liquid. 

The vomited parts will appear as different items for other players but do not let them pick it up first. Keep tanking and making the King vomit until all 5 PARTS are out. Which at this point you would need to prepare to pull the King northwards for your teammates to grab the parts. Once all the parts are taken, pull the King back towards the pool and start Heal Tanking again.

Once your teammates have deposited their parts, have someone to pull the King away from you so you can deposit your own 5 BUCKETS OF SICK.

As much as possible, always provoke the King unto yourself because you can heal from your injuries. Remember to grab your own incantation scroll and carry on the spell phase from there. Once again, be the one to pull the King away from everyone else. Not an easy task.

3. Collectors[edit | edit source]

Much of the Collector's role remains unchanged from Normal Mode except in Hard Mode, you are supplied with an initial stock of 3 of each kind of Egg in your inventory on every start of the wave. These eggs are not for show, load them immediately into the hopper on the start of the wave and fire the eggs to help your team out:

1 Green Egg to the Defender to stock up his log pile[edit | edit source]
1/2 Green Egg(s) to the Attacker(s) to give them an Overload Boost[edit | edit source]
3 Blue Eggs to Penance Rangers[edit | edit source]
Save the Red Eggs for the bombardment later.[edit | edit source]

If done correctly and diligently, the Collector can be a formidable force and great help on the battlefield. As a Collector, do not stop collecting eggs throughout the whole match. Just keep collecting them. Avoid getting close to Runners exploding on death and picking the wrong eggs. Always try your best to put red eggs in your Collector's bag, if you have green or blue eggs collected inside them, right click on the bag to empty them out onto your inventory. This is because only the eggs on the outside are converted.

This brings to the second point. Convert all eggs you have to RED. If you are playing Hard Mode, a level 5 role is expected so all conversions should be sucessful. Once all the eggs in your inventory, including the ones inside the collector's bag, are RED, start loading them up in the WEST CANNON. Empty the shells unto the Fighters and Rangers your Attackers have lured to the stairs.

Each RED EGG blasts the creatures for 5k on impact and around 3k-4k in a 3x3 radius around. If successfully lured and mobbed, a collector can dish out easy 20k-30ks in damage per RED EGG. That is more than what Attackers can deal in 1 second. Combined with a good Defender partner (one who kills Runners in 2 waves), the collector and defender carry out what is called a RED EGG BARRAGE. 

Utilizing this technique is the key to wiping out the obscenely large healthpools and spawns of the Penance Creatures.

Once the King is spawned the role of a Collector becomes obselete. Run to the East wall and stand beside the anvil to have the Healer tank for the team. Once all 5 parts are called, quickly collect them and smith them on the anvil to get 5 IGNITION SYSTEMS. Deposit them on the West wall and wait for the Flamethrowers.

Once the Flamethrowers are collected, attempt to get your scroll from the King whilst avoiding the Spawns at all times. 

4. Defenders[edit | edit source]

The most carefree of all roles in Barbarian Assault once you have mastered the art, the Defender role is a deceptively complex role at first glance. New players tend to steer away from being a defender because it is confusing when a Runner gets away and they are not sure what they did wrong. Either way this guide is not about explaining how to be one, it's a trade secret to be good at it anyways.

The most devastating difference for Runners in Hard Mode would be their ability to explode. There are two reasons why they can explode:

1. They died.[edit | edit source]
2. They ate the wrong type of food.[edit | edit source]

When Runners explode, they take away 20% of your total hp in a large 5x5 AOE radius. As such, make sure to steer clear when you are about to see one getting gibbed by the trap. The explosion is indiscriminate, any player caught in the radius will be hit, even if a Collector is just passing by collecting his eggs.

If you are one of those Defenders who mastered the art of stack-popping or killing multiple runners in one shot, be aware that if any player who steps on the tile you are blocking can trigger the runners to move, instakilling you. 

Always make sure the team's Healer is reliable. Do not drop the wrong bait and be careful when the bait switches. A single wrong bait is all it takes for a Stack-Pop to go wrong on you. The explosion from Runners eating the wrong bait seems to be even larger than if they had been gibbed by the trap. So if you are caught in one, it's good game for everyone.

Nonetheless, on the King's wave (9 Runners in total), a good Defender will be able to pop the first 6 in one shot, move away, come back and repair the trap to pop the last 3 in one sitting. You don't need to place anymore baits to lure the runners.

Once done, you will liberate the Healer's role to have to call out for you and making his life much bearable. As soon as you are done, go to the WEST cannon and assist your good partner, the Collector, to fire off the RED EGGS he collected. You don't have to move from the cannon until the King has spawned or when all the Penance Creatures are dead.

Once the King has spawned, run to the East and stand beside the anvil. Wait for the Heal Tank to call out the 5 parts to be collected. Collect the 5 parts and dry them out on the lava craters on the East to create 5 FUEL SACS. Deposit these in the West wall and wait for the rest to do the same for their parts.

Once the Flamethrowers are ready, collect them and attempt to obtain your incantation scroll from the King.