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My farming run:[edit | edit source]

  • start in G.E.
  • Gnome Stronghold: wood tree
    • go to Gnome Stronghold via G.E. spirit tree
    • optionally buy a load of pineapples upstairs and bank
  • Gnome Stronghold: fruit tree
    • walk
  • Tree Gnome Village (Maze): fruit tree
    • FR CIQ
  • Ardougne: allotment / herbs
    • use Legends Guild FR BLR, or walk N from tree gnome maze; or Hazelmere's if need to bank first (load buckets / pineapples / watermelons)
  • Catherby: allotment / herbs
    • walk NE from Ardougne
    • optionally buy all seaweed and pineapples @ 2gp each from Arlen(?) and bank
  • Catherby: fruit tree
    • walk
  • Taverly: wood tree
    • walk E from Catherby, use grapple shortcut, walk S
  • Falador: allotment / herbs
    • use Explorer ring cabbageport
  • Falador park: wood tree
    • walk N from Falador patch
    • optionally bank stuff at E Falador bank
  • Lumbridge: wood tree
    • walk
  • Lumbridge: loot culinaromancer chest and bank
  • Trollheim: herbs
    • Trollheim teleport - bring armor or protect from melee
  • Canifis: allotment / herbs
    • ectophial
  • Varrock Palace: wood tree
    • Varrock teleport
    • recharge prayer on 2nd floor of palace
  • back to G.E.
    • walk to G.E. and bank / sell harvest

daily stuff:[edit | edit source]

  • top up $ at Miscellania (FR CIP), and collect resources
  • talk to Bert at Yanille for buckets of sand