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Issues[edit | edit source]

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There are a lot of issues that players rant about or use absent mindedly, here are my views on the subjects:

All views stated here are my views, they are not intended to offend anybody and if they do, I apologise. I accept that many players may have different views

Text language[edit | edit source]

I personally feel that text language is used by low levels (noobs) or younger players, I don't use it and don't think it should be used because words such as: "wat" and "u" sound harsh and can sometimes be hard to understand for foreigners or people who don't use it themselves.

Children on Runescape[edit | edit source]

I am aware that Children on RuneScape are sometimes treated harshly and as inferior. I do not think this is fair as RuneScape is a game and anybody has a right to play a game, children as much as adults. I have plenty of RuneScape friends who I know are children and plenty who I know are Adults, I treat them all the same though maybe discuss different topics.

From Blahblah94: wtf noob u reported me![edit | edit source]

Well tough, you broke a rule, you get reported. Learn to spell and learn some manners. Most of all don't come complaining to me because I did the right thing.

Jagex are morons[edit | edit source]

No they aren't, they run one of the most popular online games and have started making fun updates even if the rewards are a bit annoying.

Trade Limit and The Grand Exchange[edit | edit source]

The trade limit... Yes I hate it as much as everybody else but I can see that it was what was needed to stop Real world trading, unlike most people who complain I have read the article by Jagex and so understand why it was the right choice, if you are a rioter or hate Jagex because of it (as I used to do) go read it!

The G.E. was overall a very good update, those days are gone where you have to stand in a bank selling stuff for hours and rare items took up to a month of solid standing to buy. On the downside, it killed merchanting as I knew it and it's control on prices are most annoying -_-. Overall though I see it as a bonus.

Combat Pures[edit | edit source]

For a random reason I see a combat pure as a noob... sorry Combat pures!

PVP[edit | edit source]

I personally don't PK, it is pointless gambling. I don't mind players who do PVP but there are too many "1 itemers" around and I hate players who see another player (with nothing of value on) walking through, say, Varrock and kill them just for fun. Then they have to walk all the way from Falador or Lumbridge. Selfish.

Begging[edit | edit source]

Simply.... Go earn it yourself like everybody else, Begging didn't get me anywhere... it won't for you either. Anyway why should I give money to somebody because they can't be bothered? =o

Scaming[edit | edit source]

Just stupid.

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