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My cash[edit | edit source]

I am not the richest of players but I do have enough! I have about 90 million at the moment in cash and items with about 70 million cash at all times.

A lot of players ask me: "How did you make your cash?", so I have decided to make a little log of the money making I have done. The older money making that I did will be less detailed whilst the newer shall be much more detailed. I am not saying that these methods are in any way the best but they may just help a few people.

As of late I've been using a very effective money making method which makes me 2M+ a day. This however is very unique and the items I am using are very hard to buy/sell. Therefore I will NOT be stating this money making method because it will not work if more than a few people are doing it at once. I will just say that I've made 50M+ from this method so far.

  • I made a lot of my cash (around 9 million) through Plank running, this involves buying logs and turning them into planks at the sawmill. This can be sped up by using boots of lightness. The other way in which to speed this up is by using the hot air balloon to the sawmill and then dueling ring teleport to castle wars where there is a hot air balloon just outside.
  • 7 million of my cash came from random monster drops, be it green dragons or cyclopses.
  • 2 million of my cash has come from treasure trails, I am not lucky in the rewards but a level 3 clue scroll will always get you over 100k in objects.
  • A further 3 million has come from skills such as runecrafting and Farming ranarrs.
  • Fishing... as of yet I have earned over 16 million through monkfish fishing and 2 million through sharks!
  • After that success I had a huge failure: I bought a Santa hat and managed to sell it 3 days later for 14 million and some junk. If you count the junk as worth something then I lost just over 4 million through bad merchanting in one go =(
  • Earnt a further 1.5 million from fishing Trout and Salmon.
  • Made 500k through a bandos boot split at godwars
  • Made 3 million through Sharks
  • Made 700k through fly fishing
  • Made 1 million through Sharks
  • Made 30M through growing Snapdragons

I will keep updating this, good luck with money making and I hope this helped!

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