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Intro[edit | edit source]

This is my page about my idea of Beach activity on Runescape, check out the forum post by clicking on this link:,84,293,58214690,goto,1 The idea is listed below! please, if you have any ideas, post them on my talk page!

The idea[edit | edit source]

Hey, welcome to my thread. Recently I have been fishing for 99 and in my long boredom at the beach I thought: "Wouldn't it be good if there was an update on the beach! There are so many things that could be done!". So this is my thread explaining my idea.

All beach areas by the sea in RuneScape should have activities, these activities could be only on particular worlds or on all worlds. I have listed the activities bellow:

Sunbathing[edit | edit source]

Restores health at 3 times the normal rate (like the spell dream) and has the option of giving you visions which will give you XP in the skill you dreamed about or an item to aid that skill. It could also give you sunbathing costumes (see under the item reward section). Whilst sunbathing you may still talk, check stats etc. but the moment you clicked to move somewhere you would stop sunbathing.

Deep Sea Diving[edit | edit source]

Swim out into the sea with the eqiupment from Recipe For Disaster, while you are there you can:

  • Explore a huge new area with many things to do.
  • Trade with the mermaids for special items.
  • Have a go on the new underwater agility course!
  • Find buried treasure.
  • Explore shipwrecks (unlocks a new emote: Shipwreck)
  • Fish new types of fish.
  • New monsters to fight ranging from jellyfish (level 53) to killer whales (level 465) and even the great white shark! (level 654). New Items which are very valuable as drops from the killer whale and the great white shark.
  • New foods which heal up to 30hp a bite (but very expensive)
  • New foods to cook.
  • Seaweed (WoodCutting)
  • New cities and a brand new GE Under the water.
  • Brand new quests and a huge underwater Grand Master quest.

This would be so fun, a new world, interesting, interactive and with plenty of challenges and pleasures! To get there you just click on the water, select get in then swim out to sea, when you get far enough it will ask you if you want to travel or go to the underwater world, click underwater world to arrive at the starting city!


  • Warternia-starting city
  • Fonerdon-City
  • Bywater-City
  • Fishtown-Town
  • Puerdo-small fishing village

Travel[edit | edit source]

Very simply, you can travel without using a charter ship, getin the water and swim out. When you get the option "Travel or go to the underwater world" click travel and it will open up the charter ship menu (needs 100% energy to manage) The effects of the saltwater spring will wear off after the journey if you have taken a bath in the spring before traveling with the message:" Not even the power of the saltwater spring can help you after that swim, you feel the effects flow away with the tide.

Minigames[edit | edit source]

Minigames would be a key part on the beach, you could play them for tokens which you could then exchange for xp or costumes/objects.

Minigames list:

  • Beachball
  • swimming
  • sandcastle building
  • boat building
  • rowing
  • sailing-(could also tie in with the skill if it is ever released)
  • crab trapping

(if you have any other minigames to do with the beach, post them and I will add them.)

New god[edit | edit source]

Picsemus, god of the underwater world.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Right so onto the rewards, there are hundreds of rewards that you could do, (if you have any ideas tell me and I will add them)Rewards would be gained by a minigame or by tokens from a minigame, you can also sell crabs/fish for points. These are some ideas:

  • Full Crab armour- we have the claws, why not anthing else? would have a set effect: Rage of the sea, which would drop 3 ***** upon the enemy taking up to 10 damage each, then they would attack up to 4 times each with a max hit of 5. If you are near the sea, the sea would rise up and stun your opponent.
  • A new spellbook, with spells ranging from practical to offensive spells.
  • sunbathing costumes
  • ability to make teletabs for the uderwater world.
  • picsemus godsword, special ability is fish slap.
  • picsemus armour
  • XP lamps
  • New clothes and hairstyles