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My I am semi-retired from the wiki since I no longer have the time to edit. I'll be keeping my userpage more up to date and make the odd contribution.

If you think you know all the answers, you probably aren't asking the right questions

Fishy-me[edit | edit source]

Total level: 1913
Attack 86Constitution 88Mining 66
Strength 89Agility 72Smithing 99
Defence 83Herblore 65Fishing 99
Ranged 80Thieving 67Cooking 80
Prayer 70Crafting 71Firemaking 70
Magic 83Fletching 99Woodcutting 80
Runecrafting 68Slayer 67Farming 99
Construction 90Hunter 66Summoning 72
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 117.375Quests 300
Music 620Tasks ----RuneScore ----
Hover for XP and rank. Ranks for RuneScape.

Hi, I'm Fishy-swim! I have been playing on RuneScape for roughly three years now, and my character is Fish 2122. Here are his stats (as of 02/4/08). Remember to check up on the polls, they help me, are fun and interesting =). Make sure you visit the poll of the week (found at the bottom of the page), this week it is about several update ideas!

Beach activity[edit | edit source]

My suggestion of this stunning update was going prety well, I posted it on the forums but the forum post has now gone, please spare some time to read it and comment with your ideas! Thanks! Click here to view my wiki page on this idea.

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Please rate my levels so that I know what to improve! (Please vote sensibly and truthfully, just putting down (E) without truth and for fun/joke will be classed as vandalism).
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Thank you for your time in voting! If you wish to help me further there is a second poll at the bottom of this userpage, please fill it in and enjoy!

My goals for this year are:

  • To get 99 in any skill, most likely [[fletching] reached on the 16th of June, 2008.
  • To get the levels required to do all the Quests.
  • Unlock the air guitar emote.
  • Complete The quests listed in "The Two Quests" part of this article done shortly after my fletching cape.
  • Reach combat level 100. reached on Wednesday April 02, 02/04/08
  • Get a second 99 (see The Second Skill part of this userpage)
Yellow gnome baller.png

My goals for this year:

Smithing 100%
0 levels
Fishing 100%
0 levels
Agility 100%
0 levels
Farming 100%
0 levels
Farming 98%
98  99 
1 level
Construction 16%
80  99 
19 levels
Summoning 100%
0 levels
Fletching 100%
0 levels
Magic 73%
82  86 
4 levels

Prayer 100%
0 levels

My Skill goals (rather ambitious but still probably possible) for the rest of the time I am on RuneScape are :

Fishing 100%
0 levels
Farming 98%
98  99 
1 level
Smithing 100%
0 levels
Agility 6%
70  99 
29 levels
Construction 16%
80  99 
19 levels

Hammers needed for 99 Construction:

Stealing Creation points 12%
4,400 Points

Random goals:

Barrows Runs 18%
82 Runs
Key loot: Dharok's platebody.pngDharok's greataxe.pngVerac's brassard.png
Runes/racks: Mind rune.png6691 Chaos rune.png1659 Death rune.png616 Blood rune.png342 Bolt rack.png36

Just Me[edit | edit source]

Quests, Achievement diaries and other things[edit | edit source]

I have completed the easy Achievement Diaries for Karamja, Varrock and all of Lumbridge but I tend to focus on skills as I am not fond of quests, I therefore am shocked at being the owner of a quest cape! I tend to use prayer only in a fight with a hard Npc or player some considerable combat levels above me and i Don't bet or stake. My favourite world is world 84 at Edgeville. At the moment I can be found and Piscatores, world 84.

Also, I lead 'The Black Fish' clan but we have very few members because we allow only those whom we can trust to enter and gain ranks.

Funnily enough in my level 100 combat party I lit so many origami baloons i went up a Firemaking level to 56!

It's What I Do[edit | edit source]

I like going to clan wars with my clan and also chompy bird hunting near Yanille. I like taking on hard beasts and training skills. More recently I have started dong Fists Of Guthix and have found myself quite good at the new minigame : Stealing Creation. I also like all of the Distractions and Diversions episode of minigames.

Please me? Or not?[edit | edit source]

I Hate beggars and don't like being asked 'noobish' questions. I also dislike players who buy their way to the top and use money instead of effort to achieve in difficult skills. I also hate players saying that a certain skillcape is easy, no skillcape is easy, although I do accept that different skillcapes are harder than others. I also dislike frequent pestering or questions. I enjoy finding out other players' views and try to find things out for myself, before asking about them. I used to merchant to make my money but am now seeking another good way of making money.

More will be added soon!

The Quests Of A Quester[edit | edit source]

Quest point Emote.gif

How Close ?[edit | edit source]

Well I have now got the questcape, which frankly may never be removed from my bank as the fishing cape is a greater achievement generally but, hey, better than nothing!

Good or Just Annoying ?[edit | edit source]

My least favourite quest so far has been:

Monkey Madness (due to inaccurate guides)

My most favourite quest so far has been:

Dream Mentor While Guthix Sleeps

I am dreading doing this quest:


I am looking forward to completing this quest:

The next Grand master quest that comes out!


99s, Past Present and Future[edit | edit source]

Fletching Emote.gif

Fletching hood.png Fletching cape.png Fletching cape (t).png

The Fletching Count[edit | edit source]


I have a max spending amount of 1 million coins to get my Fletching Cape so I am trying to get 99 fletching on willow longbow (u)'s, to get it cheaply and to prove that if you are prepared to spend time instead of cash you are much better off!

<>< ><>

The trimmed fishing cape...Yes! It's mine! :P!

The Second Skill[edit | edit source]

The next skillcape that I am going for is Fishing, I like fishing and I like the cape, I like the cash earned and the 99 Fishing suits my character. I am fishing monkfish for a balance between money and xp. I have gone from level 67-78 in two weeks there and that was combined with making a rsmv with my friend. I am 99!

If you wish to come to my 99 party (details at top of page) sign here:

Completed, Wahoo

Smithage![edit | edit source]

Smithing cape (t) equipped.png
Smithing Emote.gif

Yup, my next 99 is going to be smithing with the money from my 99 Fishing! I have worked it all out to cost minimal amounts for xp gain:

Completed, thanks to all who came!

Smithing FAQs:

  • How much did it cost?
It cost around 50M in the end, more than I expected but still worth it.
  • How long did it take?
It didn't take that long really, a couple of months I think. If you count making the money though.... that's a long time!
  • Did you use Stealing Creation hammers?
Yes, I highly recommend it as the alternative is a 100M loss (ouchie!). I used around 220 hammers, 20 minutes per hammer which means that it takes a whopping 74 hours of solid non-AFK Stealing creation.
  • Are you mad?
I suppose so ^^
  • Is it worth it?
Yes, the cape is lovely <3
  • Lies, u can do it wth unda 10M noob.
Think that if you want but don't come crying to me when you go for it and find your bank being blown apart....
  • The reason he's so rich is coz he has 99 smith.
Erm.... nope, there are ways to train smithing with a profit but the only way to get above 6k xp/h is by making losses like I made.
  • What did you make?
I made Mithril bolts till 74, adamant bolts till 90 and adamant plates till 99, whilst this is expensive, it can be cheaper than addy bolts (depending upon addy bar prices) and when it is more expensive, you only lose an extra 5M for 120k xp/h more.

Farming[edit | edit source]

Farming Emote.gif

Farming, or as one of my friends calls it, Gardening, is going to be my next 99 =[). Being the debated hardest skill in RuneScape, I'm looking forward to a challenge, I like farming and love that cape :P. There's a slight problem of what to farm, I'm not exactly rich after 99 smithing and so won't be planting vast quantities of expensive trees. I am currently 98/99 farming. Here's what I intend to plant:

Level No of Normal tree runs/D Tree run 1 Tree run 2 Tree run 3 Fruit tree (5) No of Fruit tree runs/D Herb No of Herb runs/D
64-75 3 Willow tree Willow tree Willow tree Orange tree 1 Snapdragon 7
75-93 3 Maple tree Willow tree Willow tree Curry tree 1 Snapdragon 7
93-99 3 Yew tree Maple tree Willow tree Papaya/Curry tree 1 Snapdragon 7

Construction[edit | edit source]

Construction Emote.gif

After Farming, I'm aiming for construction. Again I'll be using Stealing Creation hammers. I'm hoping to make some money back before starting on it from godwars/barrows etc. I hope to make oak dungeon doors to 99. Wish me luck!

My Youtube expansion[edit | edit source]

I have expanded into some video making for youtube in my spare time with my friend Warp Grinder. We have currently posted my 99 fletching video (needs a bit of re-editing on Sony Vegas) which was our first video. We have finished my 100 combat video but are pondering if we should post it. We are also sending out a Fish'n'Warp show preveiw with some flash effects and are halfway through our first RSMV which is of: The river-Good Charlotte.

Polls[edit | edit source]

Vote in one of my polls! With this random chooser you don't have to decide which poll to fill in, just do the one in the box!

Poll of the second is....

99 Poll

Poll Of the week[edit | edit source]

Fun New Updates Poll[edit | edit source]

Which new update out of this list would you like to happen?
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This was just a poll of the week but I have been expanding on the beach activity idea on the forums with results such as: "WOW 200% support, genius". Veiw the full version of my idea by clicking on this link here, and click here ----> [[1]] to go to my forum Idea!

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Note: My userpage poll applies to all of the chain including the polls, userboxes etc.

What combat level should the average RuneScape player get their first 99?
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My signatures[edit | edit source]

I swap between these sigs a lot.

My normal everyday signature:

sig 2:

sig 3: Under Construction

My Festive signatures[edit | edit source]


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My Achievement signatures[edit | edit source]

If I sign with one of these it is an anniversary of a special event for me (99 Fletching Etc)

99 Fletching:

Fletching Fish 2122 A-O-A My Polls Knife.png

99 Fishing:

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