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by Seis Matters

Simple Herbs+Mushies Preset:

Post 200m Farming Preset:

Variety Farming Preset:[edit | edit source]

Seeds (descending):

2 Morchella Mushroom

24 Sunchoke/Fly Trap

6 Herb Seeds

16 Grapevine

1 Bloodweed Seed

Juju Farming Potion (1)

Pouch: Astral Law Water

Decorated Farming Urns

Urn Enhancer


Patch Order:[edit | edit source]

Mushrooms: Tirannwn, Canafis

[Sip Juju]

Herbs+Allotment: Troll, Morytania ,Manor, Fala. Cath, Crwys

[Dump harvest in bank before Bloodweed Patch]

Wildy: Sword Teleport

[Withdraw 16 Grape seeds and Protean Planks if using them]

Grapes: Varrock, Seers, Yanille, Entrana

TIPS:[edit | edit source]

Put your Magical Secateurs and Magic Watering Can on Toolbelt (yes they work)

Use harvested produce on the Tool Lep to note them Can bring Sign of the Porter if no GotE

Can bring Portable Fairy Ring if no GotE/Garden Portal for Fairy Ring

Can just bring Explorers equipped if no GotE/don't care for Seren Spirits

Use POF Spirit Tree as needed

Can bring Ectophil if no Modified Farmers Hat teleports

Store Planks for Grape Patches (requires 5/patch), Miraculous Treatment and extra Super/Ultracompost in Lep