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Hi, I am new here, and I hope I do good!


My fake Monsters!


Habitat(s)[edit | edit source]


Other drops[edit | edit source]

50gp 50bronze arrows bronze sword 1-10chaos runes

Stradegy When you fight him/her you must be cunning.

Watch out! he can change attacks!

Form one: When he is on the loose and unkilled, he will use his rune scimmy and mith kite. He is fairly easy here.

Form Two: He is angry. He will hunt you down and kill you. This time, he has a rune dagger(p) and a mith kite. he will make worms bait out of you without antipoison.

Form Three: He is very angry. He will hunt you down and kill you. He has an Addy 2h, but starts with his favorite dagger. Kill him before he poisons you.

Form Four: He is VERY angry. He will hunt you down and kill you. He has a Rune Hally (red alert). If damaged enough, he'll find a rock and hide behind it. He'll then attack you from there.

Form 5: He is VERY VERY angry. He will hunt you down and kill you. He has BOTH a Rune Hally and a Rune Dagger(p). He will start with dagger and then attack with hally. After this, he will no longer bother you, unless you want to do it again!

This shop, when undisturbed has these items on stock

5pots 5buckets 5knives 1000air runes 1000fire runes 1000water runes 1000earth runes 1000mind runes 500chaos runes 250death runes 125blood runes

He runs his dad's old store. lately, hes been getting 0 customers. Maybe its because people think he his is dad. (he just looks like a younger version of him)

Firemariomki Quest

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Talke to Firemariomki jr. He wants to find out if his dad is alright. he gives you 100 Noobite Knives. Go find the dad somewhere.

Firemariomki[edit | edit source]

Firemariomki is not too hard this time. only lvl 30. he can only be killed by range because of a special armor. The new Noobite Knives are usefull. After deafeating him, he leaves a note. Read it and you realize its gibberish!

back to the kid[edit | edit source]

Firemariomki jr. apperantly can read this righting. It becomes apperant that there are some foes to the household. You must kill these NPCs.

Sir Carill Carnielian[edit | edit source]

He is easy to kill. He has a cmb lvl of 40. He is worms bait after some melee.

Straven[edit | edit source]

Phoenix Gang: You cant fight Straven here. Instead, you must do something different. You must convince him to stop being a foe to Firemariomki jr. He wants you to get him 10000gp. But it must have the East Bank Seal on it. Use tele grab in the celler of that bank.

Black Arms/No Shield of Arrav experiance: Kill straven. Its that easy.

Jonny the Beard[edit | edit source]

He is harder than he usually is this time! He is not happy to see you! He is now lvl 40, has a mith long and mith full. Hes real easy with magic.

The Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Now you have to talk to the kid. He wants you to drive a few people to his store. You need to get at least 50 people to his store. CONGRADULATIONS!

Reward[edit | edit source]

Darkite Full (Lvl 45 atk/def/str) 5000gp access to a really angry Firemariomki 5000 range exp 5000 theiving exp 5000 magic exp