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Hello I am FF7Forever. I love the game Final Fantasy 7 and I will until the end of time.

I am a very active runescape member. I am mostly into skills other than combat but my combat still is pretty high. Granite body.png FF7Forever675talk Dragon battleaxe.png

Total level: 1089
Attack 62Constitution 1Mining 67
Strength 61Agility 42Smithing 52
Defence 53Herblore 27Fishing 58
Ranged 42Thieving 42Cooking 56
Prayer 43Crafting 58Firemaking 53
Magic 59Fletching 74Woodcutting 73
Runecrafting 45Slayer 26Farming 29
Construction 46Hunter 15Summoning 1
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 73Quests 121
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Combat level
Defence 53 Constitution 10
Prayer 43 Summoning 1
Attack 62 60.75 60
Strength 61
Ranged 42 48.25 48
Magic 59 59.25 59
FF7Forever's Equipment And Goals
  • Melee(Worn Most Often)
    • Rune Full Helmet
    • Rune Platebody
    • Rune Platelegs
    • Rune Kite Shield
    • Dragon Longsword
    • Black Boots
    • Freminik Light Blue Cloak
  • Range
    • Full Green D'hide
    • Yew Composite Bow
    • Green Spiky D'hide Vambs
    • Adamant Arrows
    • Freminik Light Blue Cloak
  • Magic
    • Full Bright Mystic
    • Mystic Lava Staff
    • Freminik Light Blue Cloak
  • Other


  • Get over 1 million coins(I always waste my money on stuff b4 then =p)
Fletching 8%
74  99 
25 levels
Woodcutting 8%
73  99 
26 levels
Mining 1%
56  99 
43 levels
  • Get Full Dharok
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Strength through wisdom.
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Strength through wisdom.
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