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Combat events[edit | edit source]

Try to position enemies so that your follower may train.

In combat events a certain number of enemies will attack the player and the escort. For most of the combat events, the monsters give a few seconds before attacking. This is the player's chance to position themselves between the follower and the monsters. All combat events are multi-way combat. Combat events provide the majority of the end reward when completed.

Monster Name Notes
TempTrek Juvinate.png

Any kind of silver weapon (listed above) is necessary to damage juvinates. They are not particularly strong, not hitting any harder than 100, but can take a long time to kill, especially on harder routes. When they get low on health, they dissapear. But they can be killed/cured by the special attack of the Rod of Ivandis/Ivandis flail and then using a Guthix balance potion on them. Curing them will give you a variety of items (steel-adamant, level-2 clues etc.). This method can save a lot of time, but wastes some inventory space for the potions and items you may get. It's important to kill them fast when they attack your follower.

TempTrek Ghasts.png

You need Druid pouches to fight ghasts, otherwise you can't do anything against them while they just rot your food. Some followers also carry druid pouches with them, so pouches are not always needed, but it's still recommended to have some just in case.

They hit slow, but can deal a lot of damage. They are much stronger than the lvl. 30 ghasts you would find normally. Protect from Melee prayer is recommended when fighting more than one. Because they attack so slowly, prayer can be conserved by turning it off between attacks. Only hidden ghasts will attack your follower. Using a Druid pouch on the hidden ghast will reveal it, drawing its attention to you. They drop the same items as normal ghasts from the swamp. Pouches can be recharged in the event by using the cast-bloom option of a silver sickle near some rotten logs/branches (this will use some prayer points), picking the items up and placing them in your pouch. If you have no druid pouches, or prayer points left, the only option is to evade the event (if possible) or escape.

Note: You may refill your pouches in most events (any with logs/branches); not just the Ghasts event.

Temple Trek shades.png

Riyl, Asyn, or Fiyr varieties depending on the route. This event only occurs at Mort'ton. They come in big numbers and immediately start attacking you and your follower. They hit very fast and can end your trip quickly if they start piling on your follower.

You are given little time for positioning your follower. They are often lined up single file, however they are also notorious for passing through players. Once they are lined up, you may wish to attack each one to assure they do not pass through you.

A salve amulet/salve amulet (e) can be used to increase damage. Having a quick means of killing, such as a Dragon dagger for its special, will be useful for taking care of shades that attack your follower.

There will be also 3 NPCs in this event, each inside a different house. The shades will try and open the doors to attack them, and kill them. If you manage to keep them alive by distracting these shades, go talk to them after the event to get a blessing.

Each blessing can have a different effect. However the effects are random. So there can be 2 or 3 people giving the same blessing in one event though:

  • Recharge your Prayer points. (If you have boosted prayer points it will remove the boost)
Swamp snakes
TempTrek Swampsnake.png

Giant snakes can hit up to 180, attacking quickly and often in packs. Death could come quickly without Protect from Melee up. They are also extremely large in terms of game dimensions, so may sometimes get stuck easily behind obstacles. Because of this, a Halberd or range weapon is useful to use to conserve prayer and/or food. They can also easily stack on the same tiles that one swamp snake is already on. When starting a snake event, just get between the follower and the snakes the simplest way possible and stay still, letting them come to you. Moving too much on this event is the worst thing to do. Any snake that gets to your follower must be killed first.

Once killed, they leave behind a corpse, using a knife on these provides 2-5 snake hides. These can be used to craft snakeskin armour. If a snake manages to attack your follower and is subsequently killed by you, it will drop bones instead of a corpse. This will never happen if all the snakes are attacking you.

There is a glitch where a snake will be on top of another snake, will have a yellow dot on the minimap, but sometimes won't appear on the game screen and won't have a right click option until you move. This can potentially kill the follower, as when you move to make it appear, it will then attack your follower. Another glitch occurs randomly when a swamp snake spawns outside the map, making it harder to kill. The most recent glitch has the snakes still taking one point of poison damage, even after they're dead. These glitches are yet to be fixed by Jagex.

Giant snails
TempTrek Giantsnail.png

Uses a accurate Magical Ranged attack that easily penetrates melee defence and hits up to 180. Wearing a Snelm will greatly reduce the damage taken from them.

Use Protect from Range on hard routes when taking multiple attacks. A snail needs only be hit once to distract it from your follower. They heal rapidly. It is HIGHLY recommended that you use the 'Protection from missiles' prayer, even if you are wearing a Snelm, as you can still take damage very quickly.

They drop Snail shells redeemable for 600 coins in Dorgesh-Kaan, Perfect snail shells give 1000 coins and 500 Crafting experience.

Nail beasts
Temple Trekking nail beasts.png

Shrieking beasts that attack with a flurry of claws and bites, hitting up to triple 40 (so up to 120 total damage each flurry). The time between flurries is quite long. They have low defence and life points and don't usually threaten your follower, but will need to be killed if they do.

Nail beasts only appear in this activity and it is the only monster to Drop Nail Beast Nails and talon beast charms. Nail beast nails can be used for herblore to make sanfew serum, and talon beast charms can be used to make Talon beast pouches for summoning. They also drop Big bones, Long, Sharp Claws and Sabre-like teeth, used in the Fur 'N Seek Wish List. Their charms yield the highest summoning experience of all summoning pouches, so it is very beneficial to collect all the charms and not skip this event, unless necessary, since this event does not occur often.

Graveyard [[File:Holy_Power.png|290px|center]

A large graveyard with a great number of skeletons of level 15 and 75, with a Tomb in the middle section. The tomb can be used to unleash 2 blasts of holy power, killing all skeletons close to it.

The strategy is to make all skeletons attack you and lure them towards the tomb, then activating this tomb to unleash the power. All skeletons that are stuck against the fence or inside the Tomb area are instantly killed by the power.

Defeat all skeletons to continue your path.

There is currently a glitch which prevents prayer xp to be gained from more than a few dropped bones when many skeletons are killed at once, and a bonecrusher is used. This has yet to be fixed.

Swamp Creatures
TempTrek SwampCreature.png

Appears only on a hard route. It is actually 5 parts, a level-140 Head and 4 level-99 Tentacles. The Tentacles can hit anywhere on the boat, but will usually only attack your follower when directly in front of one. Poisoning one part poisons all parts. If the head is near death and a tentacle is still alive, it will return to full health. So it's necessary to kill all tentacles before attacking the head. The Head can hit very hard, but hits very slow. Protect from melee is recommended for this event. Kill the part attacking your follower first. The tentacles get weaker every time you kill one of them, with a visible message.

TempTrek Vyrewatch.png

Appears only after Legacy of Seergaze, and can be killed only with a Flail of Ivandis or any of the three Blisterwood weapons. They can hit quite high and fast. Drops a Vyre corpse which can be cremated in a manner similar to Shades of Mort'ton, but if the Vyrewatch is not over land when it dies, the corpse will be lost in the swamp. However, if the Vyrewatch is low on health, it will attempt to flee, going beyond the swamp map. When this happens, you will have to wait for it to come back to go on or evade the event. If your escort is being attacked by a Vyrewatch, using the Ivandis flail's special attack after the Vyrewatch reaches half health will both freeze the Vyrewatch for a period of time and divert its attention to you. Using a dose of Guthix Balance potion on a frozen Vyrewatch will deal a random amount of damage. Freezing and applying Guthix balance is not required to kill the Vyrewatch.

The drops in this event will disappear. If you want the Vyre corpses for cremation don't leave them on the ground too long.