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Fergorn, son of Aragorn, Prince of Gondor is the son of the legendary King of Gondor, Aragorn, who helped save Middle-Earth from the wrath of Sauron and his minions. He is half-elf, half-Numenorian, and has strength and speed beyond that of a human. He, being the son of Aragorn, is a great Captain. However, he is the younger son and is not the heir to the throne of Gondor. Instead of leading people, Fergorn took to teaching the next generation of Captains, and founded a guild in Gondor. He was a gifted teacher, and many of the men who eventually set sail and became the first to reach Gielinor were his apprentices. It was said that even Armadyl himself, being the god of peace and having rarely fought wars, asked him for advice.