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Hello Everyone!

I am mainly going to use my personal page for personal usage for in-game play as I can't be bothered to use the stickies on my computer but in any case, should I use someone else's tips on a certain skill for Runescape, as the saying goes "credit is due where credit is owed" whereas most of the tips I do use anyway come from ProtoxxGaming, Tonix RS, and one even came from a user named ward wick.

If you wish to send me some advice, it will be much appreciated. I am not too sure if there is a chat option on this but in the case there isn't, find me on Discord @Fenrir_Dak (Yes, my in-game username is Fenrir Dak)


Helpful Sites[edit | edit source]

Money making guide/Skilling


Quests Skill requirements

Quests Experience rewards

Magic notepaper


Achievement set rewards

Bosses aka PVM[edit | edit source]

Elite Dungeons and God War Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Temple of Aminishi

Dragonkin's Laboratory

The Shadow Reef

God War Dungeon 1

God War Dungeon 2

Individual Skills:[edit | edit source]

I suggest doing the quests that offer skill experience as you unlock them. I say this because sometimes these quests can boost you to a specific level that can unlock a bigger quest and you can do that.

1. Agility[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-18: Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

7000 xp/hour

Levels 18-30: Watchtower Shortcut

10,000 xp/hour

Levels 30-48/65: Anachronia Level 30 Section

27,500 xp/hour

Another place is the Wilderness Agility Course

Levels 48-65/77/85: Wilderness Agility Course

40,000-120,000 xp/hour (Note for this course, you need to have a summer pie to get in, but it is unlocked at level 50.)

Levels 77-85: Hefin Agility Course

60,000-90,000 xp/hour (Requires Priffdinas unlocked)

Levels 85-99+: Anachronia Agility Course

130,000-200,000 xp/hour

Other training methods:[edit | edit source]

Agility Training Dummies

Agility Pillars in Priffdinas (Requires 75+ Agility)

Barbarian Assault (For BXP)

Charming Moths (Requires 83+ Agility and 88+ Hunter)

Empty Throne Room (Requires 65 Agility and 65 Divination. Completion of The Dig Site)

Goebie Supply Runs

Enjoy the grind!

2. Archaeology[edit | edit source]

Relics[edit | edit source]

Mattocks[edit | edit source]

Artefacts[edit | edit source]

Qualifications[edit | edit source]

Mystery[edit | edit source]

Research[edit | edit source]

Leveling[edit | edit source]

I found that aiming to collect the artefacts for the collections will help me satisfy each leveling goal.

Talk to Site Manager at each dig site when unlocked.

Level 1-5: Tutorial

Level 5-12: Kharid-et Digsite

Venator remains / 3-4 artefacts

Level 12-17: Kharid-et (Requires Breaking The Seal mystery)

Legionary remains

Level 17-20: Kharid-et

Castra Debris / Recommended to do the Prison Break mystery whilst here

Level 20-24: Infernal Source

Search all available crates in the area and interact / Lodge Bar Storage

Level 24-25: Infernal Source

Lodge Art Storage

Level 25-29: Kharid-et

Administratum Debris

Level 29-36: Infernal Source (Requires Eyes in Their Stars mystery)

Cultist footlocker

Level 36-42: Infernal Source

Sacrificial Altar / Embrace the Chaos mystery

Assistant Qualification

Unlocks research team / requires 25 artefacts restored / requires completion of 1 collection

Level 42-45: Everlight

Prodomoi remains

Level 45-47: Infernal Source

Dis Dungeon Debris

Level 47-48: Kharid-et

Praesidio remains / Gather a spare pendant as you'll need it for access at the level 58 area

Level 48-51: Everlight

Monoceros remains

Level 51-56: Everlight

Ampitheatre Debris

Level 56-58: Everlight

Ceramics Studio Debris

Level 58-61: Kharid-et

Carcerem Debris / Get a spare signet ring to enter a spot at level 74

Level 61-65: Everlight

Stadio Debris

Level 65-68: Infernal Source

Infernal Art

Level 68-69: Infernal Source

Shakroth remains

Level 69-70: Everlight

Dominion Games Podium / if you have not hit 250 artefacts restored, head back to the venator remains and farm those artefacts until you have hit 250.

Associate Qualification

Requires 250 Artefacts restored, and 24 hours of research missions, 10 mysteries, 5 collection logs. Unlocks archaeology outfit, autoscreener and other rewards from Ereal.

Level 70-72: Stormguard Citadel

Ikovian Memorial / Gather and restore a Boots of Flight and Ikovian gerege

Level 72-74: Everlight

Oikos Studio Debris

Level 74-76: Kharid-et

Kharid-et chapel debris

Level 76 until all artefacts: Stormguard

Unlocked Warforge / before going there, head back to Stormguard to Keshik Ger remains. Inside building, northeast of the remains, you'll find the Wingsuit and put it in your toolbelt and you will need it for further areas and collect all artefacts for Keshik Ger collection logs and than head to Warforge.

Level 76-81: Warforge

Gladiatorial Goblin Remains / Gather all 4 Imcando metal pieces and a key

Level 81-83: Kharid-et

You can either do Pontifex remains here, or collect and restore artefacts at Crucible Stands Debris in Warforge, Tailory Debris in Stormguard.

Level 83-84: Warforge

Goblin Dorm Remains

Level 84-85: Everlight

Oikos Fishing Hut

Level 85-86: Stormguard

Weapons Research / may come across pages for the A Study in Aether mystery

Level 86-89: Kharid-et

Orcus Altar / Gather an extra spell scroll for The Vault of Shadows mystery

Level 89-91: Warforge

Big High War God Shrine, while doing this you may find journal pages for the Forge War! mystery / First go to Kharid-et and excavate Dis overspill piles and complete collection logs.

Professor Qualification

Restored 500 artefacts, completed 15 mysteries, completed 20 collection logs, 72 hours of research

Level 91-92: Stormguard

Gravitron Research / Finish getting the pages for The Spy Who Loved Metal mystery so that you can finish Stormguard mysteries by level 95.

Level 92-93: Everlight

Acropolis Debris / collect all 5 pages for The Epic of Hebe mystery than talk to Vanescula to finish the mystery.

Level 93-94: Kharid-et

Armarium Debris

Level 94-95: Warforge

Yu'Buisk Animal Pen

Level 95-97: Stormguard

Keshik Tower Debris / Upgrade the wingsuit before coming here.

Level 97-98: Warforge

Goblin Trainee Remains

Level 98-99: Infernal Source

Byzroth remains until complete the collection than go to Stormguard so you have more time to collect the pages.

3. Attack[edit | edit source]

I am going to have to split this in three. 1) Recommended Quests 2) Gear 3) Actual leveling 4) Ability Bar Setup

Attack Skill[edit | edit source]

Recommended Quests:[edit | edit source]

The Blood Pact

Waterfall Quest

Tree Gnome Village

Witch's House

Gear[edit | edit source]

(As for the weapon itself, it wouldn't be a bad idea to upgrade your sword to +3)

Levels 1-40: Bronze gear, Bronze 2h sword

Costs 10,000 gp

Levels 40-50: Adamant gear, Adamant 2h sword

Costs 60,000 gp

Levels 50-60: Rune gear, Rune 2h sword, Amulet of Glory, Ring of Wealth

Costs 130,000 gp

Levels 60-70: Orikalkum gear, Orikalkum 2h warhammer, Obsidian Cape, Amulet of Glory, Ring of Wealth

Costs 200,000-300,000 gp

Levels 70-???: Bandos gear, Necronium Battleaxe, Obsidian Cape, Amulet of Glory, Ring of Wealth

Costs 4-5 M gp

Leveling[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-40: Trolls in Abandoned Burthorpe Mine

25,000 xp/hour

Levels 40-50: Moss Giant in Edgeville Dungeon

60,000-80,000 xp/hour

Levels 50-70: Hellhounds in Taverley Dungeon

100,000-400,000 xp/hour (Requires Dusty Key)

Alternative is Blue Dragons in Taverley Dungeon for 80,000-135,000 xp/hour

Abyssal creatures in the Abyss for 250,000-400,000 xp/hour (Halberd weapons, Blood Amulet of Fury)

Levels 70+: Abyssal creatures in Abyss

400,000-600,000 xp/hour

Ability Bar Setup[edit | edit source]

Here is where it gets individualistic. Your ability bar for combat training is entirely up to you.

4. Cooking[edit | edit source]

Personally, I'd dual-train this with fishing but it is entirely up to you.

F2P Training

P2P Training

Levels 1-15: 66 Shrimp/Crayfish

30 xp/per

Levels 15-30:128 Trout

70 xp/per

Levels 30-52: 765 Tuna

100 xp/per

Levels 52-80: 9,132 Desert Soles

142.5 xp/per

Levels 80-90: 14,259 Beltfish

165 xp/per (You could start cooking this at level 72 if you wanted too)

Levels 90-93: 6,182 Sharks

210 xp/per

Levels 93-99: 18,232 Rocktails

225 xp/per

5. Constitution[edit | edit source]

(See Attack for the full guide since I am just going to put the leveling guide here)

Levels 1-40: Trolls in Abandoned Burthorpe Mine

25,000 xp/hour

Levels 40-50: Moss Giant in Edgeville Dungeon

60,000-80,000 xp/hour

Levels 50-70: Hellhounds in Taverley Dungeon

100,000-400,000 xp/hour (Requires Dusty Key)

Alternative is Blue Dragons in Taverley Dungeon for 80,000-135,000 xp/hour

Abyssal creatures in the Abyss for 250,000-400,000 xp/hour (Halberd weapons, Blood Amulet of Fury)

Levels 70+: Abyssal creatures in Abyss

400,000-600,000 xp/hour

6. Construction[edit | edit source]

Construction skill

I mean. I personally hate construction but it certainly has its benefit such as for prayer training.

An ideal place to have your house until you reach Priff is Taverley which is the starting place as it is very close to a bank.

I also use the plank maker in Rimmington as it is semi close to a bank.

1-99 Short n Fast

Leveling Guide 1-99[edit | edit source]

Level 1-33: Parlour Room

1-19: 61 Crude Wooden Chair: 122 planks, 250 nails total

19-26: 40 Oak Chairs: 80 Oak Planks total

26-33: 43 Oak Arm Chairs: 129 Oak Planks total

Level 33-52: Kitchen

33-52: 220 Oak Larder: 1760 Oak Planks total

Level 52-63: Dining Room

52-63: 292 Mahogany Tables: 1752 Mahogany Planks total

Level 63-73: Aquarium

63-73: 868 Driftwood Pawnbroker: 6944 Teak Planks total

73-99: 10752 Flotsam Pawnbroker: 86016 Mahogany Planks total

Slow but AFK: Flatpacking[edit | edit source]

Flatpacking is done in a workbench which can be done by Portable or in the workshop room which is unlocked at level 15 in Construction.

Level 1-17: Crude Wooden Chairs (Regularly)

Requires 96 Planks, 96 nails

Level 17-33: Wooden Bookcase (Flatpacking)

Requires 528 Planks, 528 nails

Level 33-46: Carved Oak Table (Flatpacking)

Level 46-52: Carved Teak Table (Flatpacking)

Requires 558 Teak Planks, 372 Bolt of Cloth

Level 52-62: Mahogany Table (Flatpacking)

Requires 1506 Mahogany Planks

Level 62-72: Gilded Bench (Flatpacking)

Requires 1288 Mahogany Planks and 1288 Gold leaf

Level 72-99: Opulent Table

Requires 23,490 Mahogany Planks, 15,660 Bolt of Cloth, 15,660 Gold leaf, and 7,830 Marble blocks

Prayer Benefitting[edit | edit source]

I would suggest waiting til you reach at least 64 Construction as you get a bigger boost in prayer xp

Oak Incense Burners: 4 Oak Planks, Two Steel Bars, Requires 61 Construction

Limestone Altar: 6 Mahogany Planks, 2 Bolts of Cloth, 2 Limestone Bricks, Requires 64 Construction.

7. Crafting[edit | edit source]

Crafting is a great money-maker by the way. So here is the link for the main skilling money-making guide.

PS: This is the only time I am doing math for this because I actually really enjoy crafting because you can make some really powerful things at the later levels.

An alternative video guide can be found here by Tonix RS

Levels 1-29

15 xp/per: 802 needed

Flax -> Spinning Wheel -> Bowstring

Levels 29-54

67.5 xp/per: 2057 neededUncut Emerald -> Emerald

Levels 54-64

100 xp/per: 2562 needed

Making water battlestaff (Requires 1 water orb, 1 staff) Profit: -1916

Levels 64-85

248 xp/per: 11499 neededMake Green Dragonhide Shields (Requires thread, 4 Green Dragon Leather) Profit: -3,881

Levels 85-99

344 xp/per: 28418 needed

Make Black Dragonhide Shields (Requires thread, 4 Black Dragon Leather) Profit: -8,877

Levels 99-120 (Profitable route)

130 xp/per: 701,837 neededMake Decorated Farming Urns (Requires 2 soft clay, 1 nature rune)

8. Defense[edit | edit source]

Look at Attack for more in-depth

Levels 1-40: Trolls in Abandoned Burthorpe Mine

25,000 xp/hour

Levels 40-50: Moss Giant in Edgeville Dungeon

60,000-80,000 xp/hour

Levels 50-70: Hellhounds in Taverley Dungeon

100,000-400,000 xp/hour (Requires Dusty Key)

Alternative is Blue Dragons in Taverley Dungeon for 80,000-135,000 xp/hour

Abyssal creatures in the Abyss for 250,000-400,000 xp/hour (Halberd weapons, Blood Amulet of Fury)

Levels 70+: Abyssal creatures in Abyss

400,000-600,000 xp/hour

Best Armor for each combat style:

Melee: Anima Core of Zaros

Magic: Anima Core of Seren

Ranged: Anima Core of Zamorak

9. Divination[edit | edit source]

This guy better explains divination training and he has an individual guide on Divination so check it out here


Wisdom Aura, Torstol Incense Sticks, Wise perk

Wilderness Training

1-70/99: Cursed wisps.

5-120k xp/hour

Levels 1-10: Pale wisps

Levels 10-20: Flickering wisps

9,000+ xp/hour

Levels 20-30: Bright wisps

12,000+ xp/hour

Levels 30-40: Glowing wisps

15,000+ xp/hour

Levels 40-50: Sparkling wisps

25,000+ xp/hour

Levels 50-60: Gleaming wisps

30,000+ xp/hour

Levels 60-70: Vibrant wisps

45,000+ xp/hour

The option can be made here to stop at 65 and do The Empty Throne Room

Levels 65-70: Empty Throne Room

60-65,000+ xp/hour

Level 70-80: Hall of Memories

Aagi, Faded Wisps, and Lustrous memories

Level 80-85: Hall of Memories

Seren, Brilliant memoiries

Level 85-90: Hall of Memories

Juna, Radiant memories

Level 90-95: Hall of Memories

Sword of Edicts, Luminous memories

Level 95-99: Hall of Memories

Cres, Incandescent memories

Level 95-99: The Arc

Ancestral energy. 110-160k xp/hour

Level 1+: Guthixian Caches

Spawns every hour on the ##:00. 146.8k-293.6k xp/hour

Other methods include transmuting charms, or the quests that reward divination experience.

10. Dungeoneering[edit | edit source]

God I hate this skill but it is so useful for every other skill. I am splitting this into 3. 1) Sinkholes 2) Regular Dungeoneering 3) Token-farming

Just click the link and watch the video.

Sinkholes[edit | edit source]

Basically just speed through, kill the mobs, gather as many cards as you can, and gather resources as much as you can in a fast time limit.

Regular Dungeoneeering[edit | edit source]


What I do is just work through the floors until you get complexity 6 and then do Floors 1-20 on small floors and than do 20-40 on medium and then from then on just to do small floors.

Token-Farming[edit | edit source]

I honestly can't tell you how to token farm because I have tried the Temple of Aminishi solo and the mobs have kicked my behind every time so that is why I am working on Temple of Senntisten and then grind prayer and get soul split.

But, on the other hand, what I would do, is do sinkholes as often as you can, and than for regular dungeoneering, do complexity 6, small floors 1-20. Than 20+ do medium floors.

11. Farming[edit | edit source]

Honestly the most boring skill there is if you ask me. But in any case, while you are farming or waiting for it to grow, you can do other things such as quests or training other skills or even achievements because what I have done is that sometimes I work on achievement sets to help me with other skills such as Daemonheim.

Levels 1-15: Allotment, seeds per patch: 3

1-5: Potatoes, , 40 minutes to grow, Payment: 2 buckets of compost

5-7: Onions, 40 minutes to grow, Payment: sack of potatoes

7-12: Cabbages, 40 minutes to grow, Payment: sack of onions

12-15: Tomatoes, 40 minutes to grow, Payment: 2 sacks of cabbages

Levels 15-99: Trees, sapling per patch: 1

15-30: Oak trees, 160 minutes to grow, Payment: 1 basket of Tomatoes

30-45: Willow trees, 240 minutes to grow, Payment: 1 basket of Apples

45-60: Maple trees, 320 minutes to grow, Payment: 1 basket of Oranges

60+: Yew trees, 400 minutes to grow, Payment: 10 cactus splines

75+: Magic trees, 480 minutes to grow, Payment: 25 coconuts

Player-Owned Farms[edit | edit source]

I know absolutely nothing about player-owned farms so I would suggest to watch the video over listening to me.

12. Fishing[edit | edit source]

As I said with the Cooking skill, I would suggest dual-training these two skills. In any case the following is what I suggest.

Recommended Quests:[edit | edit source]

Sea Slug (Grants 7175 exp) I would suggest doing this first since it is fairly short.

Fishing Contest (Grants 2437 exp)

Beneath Cursed Tides (Grants 50,000 exp)


Levels 1-20: Crayfish

XP Per Catch: 10 XP Required: 4,469 # Needed: 447

Levels 20-52: Fly-Fishing XP Required: 119,190

20-30: Trout. 50 xp per catch. # Needed: 178

30-52: Salmon. 70 xp per catch. # Needed: 1,576

Levels 52-70: Menaphos Fishing XP Required: 613,967

Desert Soles. 60 xp per catch. # Needed: 10,233

Levels 70-93: Crystallize Fly-Fishing XP Required: 6,458,002

Bruh, if you think I know what to do for this, you are mistaken. To do crystallize though, you have to have 88 Magic and have completed The Light Within.

Levels 93+: Waterfall Fishing

93-95: Small crystal urchin. 310 xp per catch. # Needed: 5,084

95-97: Medium crystal urchin. 330 xp per catch. # Needed: 5,822

97-99: Large crystal urchin. 350 xp per catch. # Needed: 6,691

How I calculated these numbers: here

Player-Owned Ports[edit | edit source]

I have no idea what to do for this so just watch the video.

13. Firemaking[edit | edit source]

As with Fishing and Cooking, it would be helpful to dual-train this skill with Woodcutting

Note that for this, Portables are used so xp per log is different than if you were not using it,

Levels 1-15: Regular Logs

57.5 xp per log. # Needed: 42

Levels 15-30: Oak Logs

97.7 xp per log. # Needed: 113

Levels 30-45: Willow Logs

120.7 xp per log. # Needed: 399

Levels 45-60: Maple Logs

189.7 xp per log. # Needed: 1,119

Levels 60-75: Yew Logs

299 xp per log. # Needed: 3,133

Levels 75-90: Magic Logs

355.9 xp per log. # Needed: 11,621

Levels 90-99: Elder Logs

516.3 xp per log. # Needed : 14,891

14. Fletching[edit | edit source]

Fletching skill unlocks[edit | edit source]

It would be suggested to dual train this skill with Woodcutting. Portables are used in the calculation so numbers are different than normal. You could also dual-train this skill with crafting

Levels 1-25: Headless Arrows

16.5 xp/per. # Needed: 476. Requires: 7,140 Arrow shaft and 7,140 Feathers

Levels 25-35: Oak Shieldbows

27.5 xp/per. # Needed: 530. Requires: 530 Oak shieldbow (u) and 530 Bowstring

Levels 35-40: Willow Shortbow

36.5 xp/per. # Needed: 406. Requires 406 Willow shortbow (u) and 406 Bowstring

Levels 40-50: Willow Shieldbow

45.7 xp/per. # Needed: 1,403. Requires 1,403 Willow shieldbow (u) and 1,403 Bowstring

Levels 50-55: Maple Shortbow

50 xp/per. # Needed: 1307. Requires 1307 Maple shortbow (u) and 1307 Bowstring

Alternative method: Levels 52-99: Broad Arrows

225 xp/per set of 15. # Needed: 860,719. Requires 860,719 Headless arrows and 860,719 Broad arrowheads.

Levels 55-65: Maple Shieldbow

58.2 xp/per. # Needed: 4859. Requires 4859 Maple shieldbow (u) and 4859 Bowstring

Levels 65-70: Yew Shortbow

67.5 xp/per. # Needed: 4270. Requires 4270 Yew shortbow (u) and 4270 Bowstring

Levels 70-80: Yew Shieldbow

75 xp/per. # Needed: 16,646. Requires 16,646 Yew shieldbow (u) and 16,646 Bowstring

Levels 80-85: Magic Shortbow

83 xp/per. 15,286 needed. Requires 15,286 Magic shortbow (u) and 15,286 Bowstring

Levels 85-90: Magic Shieldbow

91.5 xp/per. 22,817 needed. Requires 22,817 Magic shieldbow (u) and 22,817 Bowstring

Levels 90-99: Rune Darts

188 xp/per set of 10. 40,895. Requires 408,950 Rune dart tips and 408,950 Feathers

15. Herblore[edit | edit source]

Level 1-22: Quests

  1. Druidic Ritual - Gets to Level 3
  2. Jungle Potion - Gets to Level 9
    1. Requires Level 3 Herblore
  3. Recruitment Drive - Gets to Level 13
  4. The Dig Site - Gets to Level 19
    1. Requires Level 25 Thieving and Level 10 Agility
  5. Shades of Mort'ton - Gets to Level 22
    1. Requires Level 20 Crafting and Level 5 Firemaking

Level 22-26: Magic Potion

Profit: 27,785 ge

Requires: 223 Clean Tarromin, 223 Yellow Bead, 223 Vial of Water

Level 26-38: Energy Potion

Requires: 322 Clean Harralander, 322 Chocolate Dust, 322 Vial of Water

Level 38-52: Prayer Potion

Requires: 1066 Clean Ranarr, 1066 Snape Grass, 1066 Vial of Water

Level 52-55: Super Energy

Profit: 246,684 ge

Requires: 366 Clean Avantoe, 366 Mort Myre Fungus, 366 Vial of Water

Level 55-66: Super Strength

Profit: 1,468,809 ge

Requires: 2637 Clean Kwuarm, 2637 Limpwurt Root, 2637 Vial of Water

Level 66-72: Super Defence

Requires: 2687 Clean Cadantine, 2687 White Berries, 2687 Vial of Water

Level 72-81: Super Ranging Potion

Requires: 7961 Clean Dwarf Weed, 7961 Vial of Water and 7961 Wine of Zamorak

Level 81-88: Saradomin Brew

Requires: 12184 Clean Toadflax, 12184 Vial of Water, and 12184 Crushed Nest

Levels 88-96: 3000 of each Extreme Potions

Extreme Attack, Extreme Strength, Extreme Defence, Extreme Magic, Extreme Ranging

Levels 96-99: 3000 Overloads (One of every Extreme (3) and Clean Torstol)

16. Hunter[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-19: Vinesweeper minigame

Levels 19-53: Tropical Wagtails

170 xp/per catch. 781 needed

You could also do white rabbits. It is more profitable but takes longer.

Levels 27-53: White Rabbits (Requires rabbit snare and completion of Eagle's Peak)

144 xp/per catch. 921 needed. 921 rabbits foot = 6,716,853 gp

Levels 53-59: Regular chinchompas (Requires box trap, and spicy tomato)

198.4 xp/ per catch. 561 needed.

Levels 59-67: Red Salamander (Requires small fishing net, rope, and tarromin tar)

224 xp/ per catch. 1,340 needed. 1,340 red salamander = 5,314,440 gp

Levels 67-75: Black Salamander (Requires small fishing net, and Harralander tar)

517 xp/ per catch. 1,282 needed. 1,282 black salamander = 7,358,680 gp

Levels 75+: Big Game Hunter

17. Invention[edit | edit source]

Helpful tools[edit | edit source]

Fishing Rod-O-Matic



Helpful gizmos (varies)[edit | edit source]

Levelling[edit | edit source]

Level 1-4: Invention tutorial

Level 4-27: Disassemble 2x level 5 items

Recommended to do Black Salamander

Level 27-45: Disassemble 3x level 10 items

Level 45-60: Disassemble 7x level 10 items

Level 60-99: Disassemble 69x level 10 items / Siphon 59x level 12 items

Level 99-120: Disassemble 97x level 10 items / Siphon 83x level 12 items

Essential Level Research[edit | edit source]

Level 2: Augmentor + Augment Weapons

Level 4: Augmented item maximum level 5

Level 16: Augment body armor

Level 27: Augmented item maximum level 10

Level 45: Augment leg-slot armor

Level 60: Augmented item maximum level 15

Level 99: Augmented item maximum level 20

Gear to Disassemble[edit | edit source]

Crystal weaponry

Ganodermic Armor

Barrows equipment


Black Salamanders

Basically any cheap tear 70+ equipment that is augmentable

Examples of Training Methods[edit | edit source]

  1. Abyss
  2. Abyssal Demons
  3. Airuts
  4. Dark beasts
  5. Shadow Reef
  6. God Wars Dungeon 1/2 minions
  7. Ganodermic beasts
  8. Basically good slayer tasks

Skillvention[edit | edit source]

Helpful item is the Mechanised Siphon

Woodcutting[edit | edit source]

Dragon or Crystal hatchet

Crystal trees, Ivy, Teak trees, Golden bamboo

Fishing[edit | edit source]

Fishing Rod-O-Matic, Enhanced Fishing Rod-O-Matic, or Crystal fishing rod

Priffdinas Waterfall Fishing, Barbarian fishing, Wobbegong, Fishing Frenzy/Deep Sea Fishing

Mining[edit | edit source]

Dragon, Crystal, Imcando pickaxe or Pickaxe of Earth and Song

Seren stones, Granite rocks, Concentrated gold deposits, Alaea crablet

Firemaking[edit | edit source]

Pyro-matic, Enhanced pyro-matic, Crystal tinderbox

Fire Rows, Bonfires, Portable Braziers

Smithing[edit | edit source]

Hammer-tron, Enhanced Hammer-tron, Crystal hammer

Artisan's workshop, Corrupted ore

Archaeology[edit | edit source]

Dragon, Crystal, Imcando mattock, Mattock of Time and Space, Guildmaster Tony's Mattock

Excavating excavation hotspots, Excavating material caches

Invention Machines[edit | edit source]

Invention Devices[edit | edit source]

Ancient Invention[edit | edit source]

Skilling Outfits[edit | edit source]

18. Magic[edit | edit source]

As with the previous combat guides, I am going to split this into four different sub-groups. 1) Recommended Quests 2) Gear 3) Leveling methods 4) Ability Bar Set up

1) Recommended Quests[edit | edit source]

2) Gear[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-40: Wizard Robes with Staff of Air

Cost: 5-10k gp

Levels 40-50: Splitbark armor with Mystic Air Staff

Cost: 130k

An alternative is to use Dagon'hai gear

Levels 50-60: Mystic robes with Amulet of Glory, Mystic Staff, G Orb, Ring of wealth

Cost: 70k gp

An alternative is skeleton gear

Levels 60-70: Grifolic robes with Amulet of Glory, Toktz-Mej-Tal, Obsidian Cape, Mystic boots, and Ring of wealth

Cost: 1500k gp

An alternative is to continue to use mystic robes

Levels 70-99? : Subjugation robes with Crystal Staff, Berserker Ring, Obsidian Cape, Amulet of Glory or Blood Fury

Cost: 10 M gp

3) Leveling Methods[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-40: Trolls in Abandoned Burthorpe Mines

35,000 xp per hour

Levels 40-50: Ice Warriors in Asgarnian Ice Dungeon

40-50,000 xp per hour

Levels 50-70: Blue Dragons in Taverley Dungeon

70-100,000 xp per hour

Levels 70+: Elite Dungeon Farming

A plus side to this is that if you get into a good group, you will also get a lot of dungeoneering tokens as well.

19. Mining[edit | edit source]

A guide to the mining skill can be found here as it goes more in depth with the pickaxes and whatnot. It is very much recommended to dual-train this skill with smithing.

Mining Skill Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Mining Leveling Guide[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-14: Copper/ Tin Ore w/ Bronze Pickaxe

Can be found in Burthorpe south of the lodestone.

Levels 14-25: Iron ore w/ Iron Pickaxe

Can be found in the Lumbridge south-west mine

Levels 25-35: Coal w/ Steel Pickaxe

Can be found in many places.

Levels 35-45: Mithril Ore w/ Mithril Pickaxe

I used the Dwarven Mine Resource Dungeon

Levels 45-50: Luminite/Adamantite w/ Adamant Pickaxe

Levels 50-60: Runite w/ Rune Pickaxe or Inferno Adze

Levels 60-70: Drakolith/Orichalcite w/ Dragon Pickaxe

Levels 70-80: Necrite/Phasmatite w/ Necronium Pickaxe +4

Levels 80-90: Banite w/ Imcando Pickaxe

Levels 90+: Light/Dark Animica w/ Pickaxe of Earth and Song

20. Prayer[edit | edit source]

Prayer experience Quest Rewards

Firstly, get Bonecrusher from Dungeoneering as soon as possible. This item will help immensely with prayer training.

It is hard to explain the training methods for this so I would suggest watching the video.

21. Ranged[edit | edit source]

Recommended Quests:[edit | edit source]

The Blood Pact (For Kayle's Chargebow)

Vampyre Slayer

Rune Mysteries

Demon Slayer

The Grand Tree

Horror From The Deep

Gear[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-40: Leather gear w/ Chargebow or Shortbow

Cost: 1-10k ge

Levels 40-50: Green Dragonhide w/ Yew Shortbow and Adamant Arrows

Cost: 30k ge

Levels 50-60: Blue D'hide w/ Amulet of Glory, Ring of Wealth, Magic Shortbow, and Rune Arrows

Cost: 75k. An alternative is to use Spined Gear

Levels 60-70: Demon Slayer w/ Elder Shortbow, Amu. of Glory, Dragon Arrows, Ring o' Wealth, and Obsidian Cape.

Cost: 200-300k. An alternative is to use full Red D'hide or at level 65 to use full Royal D'hide

Levels 70-80: Armadyl gear w/ Amu. of Glory or BFury, Obsidian Cape, Crystal bow or Black Salamander, Archers or Berserker Ring

Cost: 15m ge

Levels 80+: Anima Core of Zamorak

Leveling Guide[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-40: Abandoned Mine in Burthorpe

An alternative is to do levels 1-50 on Shattered Worlds starting at Worlds 1-5

Levels 40-50: Blue Dragons in Taverley Dungeon

Levels 50-70: Abyss

Abyss Ability Bar Setup

Level 70+: Slayer

Levels 70+: Elite Dungeon Mob killing

Levels 70+: Abyss

Levels 78+: Vyremobs in Darkmeyer

22. Runecrafting[edit | edit source]

Runecrafting skill[edit | edit source]

Pouches[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-25: Small Pouch

Levels 25-50: Medium Pouch

Levels 50-75: Large Pouch

Levels 75-90: Giant Pouch

Levels 90-99: Massive Pouch

RuneSpan[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-33: Bottom Floor

You are going to want to go two islands South of the Main Island.

Levels 1-5: Cyclone

Levels 5-9: Water Pool

Levels 9-14: Rock Fragment

Levels 14-17: Fireball

Levels 17-33: Vine

Levels 33-66: Middle Floor

One island West of Bottom Floor Entrance

Levels 33-35: Fire Storm

Levels 35-40: Chaotic Cloud

Level 40-44: Nebula

Level 44-66: Shifter

Levels 66-99: Top Floor

Level 66-77: Rocks

Level 77-83: Blood Pool

Level 83-90: Bloody skulls

Level 90-95: Living Soul

Level 95-99: Undead Soul

Abyss Guide

Bring Runecrafting Pouch, Runecrafting Urns, Pure Essence, and Abyssal Familiar (if unlocked)

  1. Levels 10-14: Earth
  2. Levels 14-20: Fire
  3. Levels 20-27: Body
  4. Levels 27-35: Cosmic
    1. Requires Lost City
  5. Levels 35-40: Chaos Rune
  6. Levels 40-44: Astral Rune
    1. Requires Lunar Diplomacy
  7. Levels 44-65: Nature Rune
    1. Large Pouch
    2. Skip Law!

High Level Set Up for Abyss

Ethereal Robes > Master RC Robes

Wildy Sword 1

Demonic Skull

Same inventory as listed above except put all pouches unlocked in inventory filled with Pure Essence

  1. Levels 65-77: Death Rune
    1. Requires Mourning's End Part II
  2. Levels 77-90: Blood Rune
    1. Requires Legacy of Seergaze
  3. Levels 90-99: Soul Altar
    1. Requires 'Phite Club
  4. Or do Levels 77-99: Blood Rune

23. Slayer[edit | edit source]

Slayer Masters[edit | edit source]

CB (Combat Level) 1-20: Turael

Can be found just North-West of the Lodestone.

CB Level 20-40: Mazchna

CB Level 40-75: Vannaka

Can be found in the Edgeville Dungeon

CB Level 75-90: Chaelder

Requires Lost City quest. Can be found just straight ahead from entering the city through the hut in the Lumbridge Swamp.

CB Level 90-100: Sumona (Requires 35 Slayer)

Requires Smoking Kills quest. Can be found in Polliniveach

CB Level 100-110 and Slayer Level 35-50: Duradel (Requires 50 Slayer)

Requires Shilo Village quest. Can be found in the 2nd floor of Fernahei's Fishing Hut in Shilo Village.

CB Level 110-120 and Slayer Level 75-85: Kuradel

Can be found in Ancient Caverns. An alternative slayer master is Mandrith who is in the Wilderness

CB Level 120-130 and Slayer Level 85-90: Morvran

Slayer Level 90-99: Laniakea

Can be found in Anachronia and therefore requires the completion of the island's introductory sequence.

Specialist Slayer Masters[edit | edit source]

Death - Assigns Boss Monsters

Erskine - Offers Slayer Contracts to do their slayer task in the Wilderness

Ling - Ling offers contracts within the Arc region to slay a number of Acolytes of Seiryu. Requires 90 Slayer

Markus - Offers Slayer Contracts to do their slayer task in the Slayer Tower

  • Monsters in Slayer Tower include: Infernal Magi, Bloodveld, Aberrant Spectres, Banshees, Crawling Hands, Gargoyles, Nechryael, and Abyssal Demons.

Rewards to focus on:[edit | edit source]

Getting your slayer helmet (400+ points)

Prefer/Block tasks (100 points/task)

Adding DG Items to your tool belt (500 points/each)

Slayer-Training[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-40: All tasks

If doing Reaper tasks from Death, do Giant Mole, KBD, or Chaos Elemental only

Levels 40-50: Sumona,

Cave Crawlers, Black Demons, Fire Giants, Caliphates, Iron Dragons, Dagannoths, and Dragons.

Levels 50-75: Duradel

Tasks: Black Demons, Aviansies, Dragons, Dagannoths, Fire Giants, Waterfiends, Vyrewatches, Dust Devils, Steel/Mithril Dragons and Hellhounds

Levels 75-85: Kuradel (Requires Barbarian Training Mini-quest)

Block Tasks: Aberrant Spectres, and Grotworms

Tasks: Automatons, Aviansies, Black Demons, Dragons, Celestial Dragons, Gargoyles, Glacors, Steel Dragons, Kalphites, Mithril Dragons, Tormented Demons, Waterfiends, Abyssal Demons, Ascension Members, and Muspah.

Level 85-99: Morvran (Requires Plague's End quest)

Block Tasks: Grotworms, Aberrant Spectres, and Dagannoths

Skip tasks: Ones you don't like

Prefer tasks: Abyssal Demons, Corrupted Creatures, Gemstone Dragons, and personal choices

Tasks you should do: Gemstone Dragons, Aviansies, Nightmares, Lava Strykeworms, Living Wyverns, Glacors, Gargoyles, Rune Dragons, Lost Grove Creatures, Ripper Demons, Waterfiends, Corrupted Creatures, Acheon Mammoths, Vyrewatches, Muspah, and Ganodermic Creatures.

Levels 90-99: Laniakea

Tasks you should do: Vile blooms, Gemstone dragons, Nightmare creatures, Dragons, Lost Grove creatures, Ascension members, Crystal shapeshifters, Living Wyverns, Lava Strykeworms, Glacors, Abyssal Demons, Vyrewatches, Shadow creatures, Muspah, Soul Devourers, etc (personal choice).

Shattered Worlds[edit | edit source]

Player-Owned Slayer Dungeon[edit | edit source]

24. Smithing[edit | edit source]

Recommended Quests[edit | edit source]

Knight's Sword

Gets you to level 29 when rubbing the experience lamp.

Elemental Workshop I

Level 29-30: Steel

Buy Steel Platebody -> Steel Platebody +1 -> Sell

Requires 4 Steel Platebody + 18 bars

Level 30-40: Mithril

Requires 20 Mithril Platebody + 1200 Bars

Level 40-50 (Fast): Adamant

Buy Adamant Platebody +2 -> Smith Burial

Requires 38 Adamant Platebody +2

Level 50-60 (Fast): Rune

Buy Rune Platebody +3 -> Smith Burial

Requires 36 Rune Platebody +3

Level 60-70 (Fast): Orikalkum

Buy Orikalkum Platebody +3 -> Smith Burial

Requires 66 Orikalkum Platebody +3

Level 70-80 (Semi-cheap): Necronium

Buy Necronium Gauntlets -> Upgrade to +1 -> Sell

Requires 2170 Necronium Gauntlet and 2170 Necronium Bars

13,654 gp per Necronium Gauntlet +1 = Profit of 47,509

Level 80-90 (Semi-cheap): Bane

Buy Bane Platebody +3 -> Upgrade to +4 -> Sell

Requires 114 Bane Platebody +3 and 4560 Bars

Level 90-99+ (Semi-cheap): Elder Rune

Buy Elder Rune Platebody +4 -> Upgrade to +5 -> Sell

Requires 91 Elder Rune Platebody +4 and 7280 Bars

Profiting method: Smelting Bars[edit | edit source]

Levels 30-40: Mithril Bars (Requires 4,773 Mithril Ore, 4,773 Coal)

Levels 40-50: Gold (Requires 9,159 Gold Ore)

Levels 50-60: Rune (Requires 17,241 Runite Ore, 17,241 Luminite)

Levels 60-70: Orikalkum (Requires 35,684 Orichalcite Ore, 35,684 Drakolith Ore)

Levels 70-80 w/ Urns: Necronium (Requires 61,199 Necrite Ore, 61,199 Phasmatite Ore)

Levels 80-90 w/ Urns: Bane (Requires 266,688 Banite Ore)

Levels 90-99 w/ Urns: Elder Rune (Requires 177,966 Runite Ore, Luminite Ore, Light Animica Ore, and Dark Animica Ore)

25. Strength[edit | edit source]

Gear[edit | edit source]

(As for the weapon itself, it wouldn't be a bad idea to upgrade your sword to +3)

Levels 1-40: Bronze gear, Bronze 2h sword

Costs 10,000 gp

Levels 40-50: Adamant gear, Adamant 2h sword

Costs 60,000 gp

Levels 50-60: Rune gear, Rune 2h sword, Amulet of Glory, Ring of Wealth

Costs 130,000 gp

Levels 60-70: Orikalkum gear, Orikalkum 2h warhammer, Obsidian Cape, Amulet of Glory, Ring of Wealth

Costs 200,000-300,000 gp

Levels 70-???: Bandos gear, Necronium Battleaxe, Obsidian Cape, Amulet of Glory, Ring of Wealth

Costs 4-5 M gp

Leveling[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-40: Trolls in Abandoned Burthorpe Mine

25,000 xp/hour

Levels 40-50: Moss Giant in Edgeville Dungeon

60,000-80,000 xp/hour

Levels 50-70: Hellhounds in Taverley Dungeon

100,000-400,000 xp/hour (Requires Dusty Key)

Alternative is Blue Dragons in Taverley Dungeon for 80,000-135,000 xp/hour

Abyssal creatures in the Abyss for 250,000-400,000 xp/hour (Halberd weapons, Blood Amulet of Fury)

Levels 70+: Abyssal creatures in Abyss

400,000-600,000 xp/hour

26. Summoning[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-4: Wolf Whistle Quest

Levels 4-16: Dreadfowl

Requires: 266 Pouches, 266 Raw Chicken, 266 Gold Charms, 266x8 Spirit Shards

Levels 16-28: Granite Crab

Requires: 375 Pouches, 375 Gold Charm, 375 Iron Ore, 375x7 Spirit Shards

Levels 28-33: Compost Mound

Requires: 150 Compost, 150 Pouches, 150x47 Spirit Shards, 150 Green Charm

Levels 33-41: Beaver

Levels 41-47: Macaw

Requires: 499 Green Charms, 499 Clean Guam, 499 Pouches, 499x78 Spirit Shards

Levels 47-52: Pyrefiend

Levels 52-61: Spirit Terrorbird

Requires 2613 Gold Charms, 2613 Pouches, 2613 Raw bird meat, 2613x12 Spirit Shards

Levels 61-66: Spirit Terrorbird

Requires: 2837 Gold Charms, 2837 Pouches, 2837 Raw bird meat, 2837x12 Spirit Shards

Levels 66-74: Stranger Plant

Requires: 2450 Pouches, 2450 Crimson Charms, 2450 Bagged Plant I, 2450x128 Spirit Shards

Levels 74-79: Granite Lobster

Levels 79-83: Fire Titan

Requires: 1259 Pouches, 1259x198 Spirit Shards, 1259 Blue Charms, 1259 Fire Talisman

Levels 83-85: Moss Titan

Requires 843 Pouches, 843 Blue Charms, 843x202 Spirit Shards, 843 Earth Talisman

Levels 85-89: Lava Titan

Levels 89-96: Swamp Titan

Requires: 13010 Pouches, 13010x150 Spirit Shards, 13010 Green Salamander, 13010 Crimson Charms

Levels 96-99: Pack Yak

Requires: 7931 Pouches, 7931x211 Spirit Shards, 7931 Yak hide, 7931 Crimson Charms

27. Thieving[edit | edit source]

i dislike this skill because it is so time consuming and laggy but in any case,

Levels 1-5: Pompous Merchants

6000 xp/hour

Levels 5-14: Bakery Stalls

11,000 xp/hour

Levels 14-15: Quest: Buyers and Cellars

Access to the Thieves Guild

Levels 15-35: Thieves Guild Doors

61,000 xp/hour

Levels 35-41: All Thieves Guild Doors

83,000 xp/hour. Requires lockpick

Levels 41-62: Guild Doors or Coshing Volunteers

Coshing Volunteers: Requires The Feud. 90-145k xp/hour

Guild Doors: Requires lockpick. 85-120k xp/hour

I prefer to stick with the guild doors just because you have a chance of being knocked out by the volunteer and also on my computer, I can only loot them twice as they recover pretty quickly so it is up to you.

Levels 62-76: Misthalin Safecracking

Requires: Thieves Guild Caper Quests. 250-300k xp/hour. Requires lockpick

Location recap: Varrock Castle x3, Edgeville x1, Wizards Tower x2, Lumbridge x2.

Levels 76-83: Asgarnia Safecracking

Requires: Thieves Guild Caper Quests. Useful: Death of Chivalry

400k xp/hour. Locations: Black Knights Fortress x2, Burthorpe Castle x2, Port Sarim x2

Levels 83-90: Kandarin Safecracking

530-575k xp/hour

Locations: Camelot Castle x2, Ardougne Market x2, Yanille x2

Levels 90+: AFK Wilderness Safecracking

Useful: Hard Wilderness Diaries

Levels 90-94: Active Safecracking Route

Locations: Wilderness x3, Camelot Castle x2, Ardougne Market x1

Levels 94+: Active Safecracking Route

Requires Jennica's ring, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Fairy Tale 2/3. 900k-1M xp/hour

Locations: Zanaris x2, Zenmouregal's Fort x4, Wilderness x3, Yanille x2

Levels 90+: Dwarf Traders in Keldagrim

Requires: Crystal Mask Light Form. 850-900k xp/hour

Levels 93+: Priffdinas Elves

Requires Plague's End, Useful: Crystal Mask Light Form

300k xp/hour

28. Woodcutting[edit | edit source]

Woodcutting calculator

I like this skill but it is very click intensive but can be very profitable. If you are not going to use the logs for other skills such as firemaking or fletching, sell the logs as they are very good money.

If you aren't going to use the logs for other skills such as firemaking or fletching, sell them. They make really good money.

Levels 1-15: Regular Trees

25 xp/per.97 needed, Profit: 32,980

FC, WC, and Fletch Collecting: Logs

7,279 needed. Profit: 349,860

Levels 15-30: Oak Trees

FC, Fletch, and WC Collecting: Oak Logs

936 needed. Profit: 330,190

Levels 30-50: Willow Trees

FC, Fletch, and WC Collecting: Willow Logs

2,208 needed. Profit: 817,478

Levels 50-68: Acadia Trees

92 xp/per. 5,475 needed. Profit: 2,874,375

FC, Fletch, and WC Collecting: Maple Logs

6,166 needed. Profit: 3,641,692

Levels 68-81: Choking Ivy

This method is preferred because you can AFK this as the ivy doesn't go into your inventory.

332.5 xp/per. 4,776 needed. Profit: None

FC, Fletch, and WC Collecting: Yew Trees

24,049 needed. Profit: 17,691,394

FC, WC, and Fletch Collecting: Levels 88+: Magic Trees

49,724 needed. Profit: 41,783,599

FC Collecting: Elder logs

Total XP: 4,839,575. 14,891 needed