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May Saradomin bring you peace, but may Guthix bring you balance, and may Zamorak slay thine enemies as well as his own leader.

Hello I am felinoel, an aged Runescapian, a lover of lore, a follower of Saradomin, and a master woodcutter. I would love to take just one step in the lost world of Freneskae, or even maybe just see the remains of it. My fav past time is chopping tress while boring others with tales of runescape's past, like how Guthix slayed the Dragonkin race to save himself or how ancient Saradomin priests covered up the existance of other gods then the well known three gods.

Ah the wonderful world of Gielinor, how I yearn to explore the east, I spent many ages begging those ghosts to let me take one of their boats, sigh.

I was one of the writers of the official Wikipedia's article on the gods, but someone deemed it fluff and then it got deleted :/ At least my real god guide is still intact

Sadly, Runescape is too time consuming so I cannot play anymore.

So if you wish to reach me send an email at [email protected]