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Hey ladies and gentlemen of RuneScape Wikia,

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I am currently undergoing development on this page and hope to have it all up and running withing the next couple of weeks. I have alot to learn about creating a page on Wikia, which I hope to have learned enough about it soon enough. Please bare with me on this, because I am not the sharpest tool in the box. I definately put this down to lack of motivation and time keeping. If anyone wishes to add me via RuneScape, by all means feel free. My current chat status will be as 'Offline' but please bare with that aswell because I intend to get a few skills done, instead of letting my concentration levels drop due to much conversation.

I am a regular user at RuneScape Wikia, and I mainly use this site for the Distractions & Diversions (Weekly Penguin Hunt), as most of those who wait for the reset on World 60 will know. I gain alot of help from other players through this website, so I do intend to return the favour for those players that desire my help. I hope to have everything sorted very shortly, so I can then assist and help those who update this website regularly.

Thanks for baring with me, feel free to add me at any time, as I hope I dont bite too hard!