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Welcome to my userpage. I know that it's common to write something of an autobiography here, but this is mainly just notes for my own reference. Feel free to have a look around though.

I've been semi-retired from RuneScape for many years, having been active from 2007 to 2010.

Important dates[edit | edit source]

The following table is a list of the dates of when I reached 99 in each skill so that I can always have them handy.

Skill name Date Location of level-up
Woodcutting icon highscores.png Woodcutting 20th December, 2007 In a small wooded section of Lumbridge
Fletching icon highscores.png Fletching 26th April, 2008 In the bank on the west-side of Varrock
Runecrafting icon highscores.png Runecrafting 3rd August, 2008 At the Varrock plaza fountain
Magic icon highscores.png Magic 28th August, 2008 At the doors of the Wizards' Guild, Yanille
Ranged icon highscores.png Ranged 23rd November, 2008 Inside Hemenster's Ranging Guild
Defence icon highscores.png Defence 7th January, 2009 Outside the Lumbridge armoury
Constitution icon highscores.png Constitution 22nd February, 2009 Inside the Duel Arena, Al Kharid
Crafting icon highscores.png Crafting 25th April, 2009 Outside the Crafting Guild, west of Rimmington
Cooking icon highscores.png Cooking 21st May, 2009 In the bank on the west-side of Varrock
Smithing icon highscores.png Smithing 10th June, 2009 The anvil on Thurgo's Peninsula
Attack icon highscores.png Attack 4th July, 2009 The Stronghold of Security, Barbarian Village
Firemaking icon highscores.png Firemaking 12th July, 2009 Outside the Grand Exchange, western Varrock
Farming icon highscores.png Farming 30th August, 2009 At the Spirit tree patch in Port Sarim
Strength icon highscores.png Strength 27th September, 2009 In the dungeon of a Player-owned house
Summoning icon highscores.png Summoning 2nd December, 2009 In the basement of Pikkupstix's home, Taverley
Fishing icon highscores.png Fishing 22nd December, 2009 Inside the Fishing Guild, Hemenster
Thieving icon highscores.png Thieving 28th December, 2009 Inside the Rogues' Den
138 combat 17th January, 2010 Outside the Edgeville bank
Prayer icon highscores.png Prayer 29th January, 2010 The Monastery, west of Edgeville
Construction icon highscores.png Construction 22nd February, 2010 The workshop of my Player-owned house
Hunter icon highscores.png Hunter 2nd April, 2010 In the depths of Feldip Hills jungle
Agility icon highscores.png Agility 14th April, 2010 In Brimhaven, northern Karamja
Mining icon highscores.png Mining 16th May, 2010 In the darkness of the Dwarven Mine, below Falador
Herblore icon highscores.png Herblore 7th August, 2010 At the druids' stone circle in Taverley
Slayer icon highscores.png Slayer 6th November, 2010 Chaeldar, Zanaris
Dungeoneering icon highscores.png Dungeoneering November, 2012 In the dungeons of Daemonheim
Divination icon highscores.png Divination Late 2013 South of the Poison Waste
Invention icon highscores.png Invention 6th June, 2018 Inside the Invention Guild
Archaeology icon highscores.png Archaeology 4th October, 2020 At the Varrock Dig Site

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