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Templates used
User:F0r F0x Sake/calctest/t
Module:Sandbox/User:F0r F0x Sake/calctest
template=User:F0r F0x Sake/calctest/t

param = Mask_Input|Modified botanist mask|no|check|yes,no
param = Scroll_Input|Scroll of cleansing|no|check|yes,no
param = Portable_Input|Portable well|no|check|yes,no
param = Brooch_Input|wikitext(Brooch of the Gods)|no|check|yes,no
param = Factory_Input|Three Factory outfit pieces|no|check|yes,no
param = Amulet_Input|Botanist's amulet|no|check|yes,no
param = Desert_Input|Desert amulet 4|no|check|yes,no
param = Morytania_Input|Morytania legs 4|no|check|yes,no
param = Varanusaur_Input|Varanusaur perk|no|check|yes,no

Please input the data and submit the form.
Results here.