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[[RuneScape:Style guide/Equipment set]]

See Mystic equipment and Blue dragonhide armour for examples of well-organized pages.


  • Should such a style guide page be created, suggesting the default order listed below?
  • Should the {{Eq infotable}} in the Components and bonuses section included a picture of the set equipped, like on Mystic equipment? Or should worn images pictures be limited to the Gallery, like on Blue dragonhide armour?

Default order:

  1. Header templates
  2. Article introduction
  3. Miscellaneous sections like history
  4. Components and bonuses using {{Eq infotable}} with prices
    • Weapons first, followed by armours
  5. Methods to acquire
  6. Components and bonuses for Treasure Trails variants and any other variants
  7. Grand Exchange sets, using {{GEPriceUpdate}} and {{Eq infotable}} with prices
  8. Gallery
  9. Trivia
  10. References
  11. Navboxes
  12. Language links
  13. Categories