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Minimum requirements for The Reaper Crew[edit | edit source]

Requirement(s) Reward
Giant Mole None
King Black Dragon None
Barrows & Barrows: Rise of the Six Priest in Peril quest or Defeating a Ghoul Access to Morytania
Partial completion of Nature Spirit quest Access to Mort Myre Swamp
Kalphite Queen 2 Rope To enter the the Kalphite Hive for the first time. The other to enter the area containing the Queen.
TzTok-Jad None
Dagannoth Kings Pay Jarvald 1,000 coins or The Fremennik Trials quest 1,000 coin payment for travelling to Waterbirth Island or Free if the quest is completed
God Wars Dungeon Troll Stronghold quest Access to God Wars Dungeon
60b Strength or 60 Agility Ability to Navigate the Boulder
70 Strength Access to General Graardor
70 Constitution Access to K'ril Tsutsaroth
70 Agility Access to Commander Zilyana
70 Ranged Access to Kree'arra
Frozen Key Access to Nex & Nex: Angel of Death
Chaos Elemental None
Corporeal Beast Summer's End quest Access to Corporeal Beast
Queen Black Dragon 60 Summoning Access to Queen Black Dragon
Har-Aken The Elder Kiln quest Access to Fight Kiln
One-time payment of a Fire Cape One-time payment to participate in the Fight Kiln
Legiones Ascension Keystone Used to enter the corresponding laboratory.
95b Slayer Ability to enter their laboratories
Heart of Gielinor 80b Ranged Access to The Twin Furies
80b Attack Access to Vindicta & Gorvek
80b Magic Access to Helwyr
80b Prayer Access to Gregorovic
Ancient sigil Access to Telos
Temple of Aminishi Impressing the Locals quest Access to The Arc region; Aminishi
Dragonkin Laboratory None
The Shadow Reef None
Kalphite King None
Araxxi Priest in Peril quest or Defeating a Ghoul Access to Morytania
Vorago None
The Magister Partial completion of Icthlarin's Little Helper quest Access to the city of Sophanem & Sophanem Slayer Dungeon
115b Slayer To inflict damage against The Magister
Key to the Crossing To enter
Liberation of Mazcab None
Solak None

A b indicates that a temporary boost may be used to reach that level.