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The path that I solo stars are all based on this thread, some are slightly tweaked.

Method #1[edit | edit source]

This will be a map that shows all the star locations, numbered, and the path that you will take.

Quest Requirements[edit | edit source]

Other requirements[edit | edit source]

Method[edit | edit source]

  1. Teleport to Canifis pub using a portal in your Player owned house. Alternately, have Ancient magics turned on, you can teleport to Kharyrll. Run north-west to the first star location by Canifis bank.
  2. Use an Ectophial to teleport to near Port Phasmatys. Run to Bill Teach on his ship at the Port Phasmatys docks and ask to be taken to Mos Le'Harmless. Run directly north from the docks to reach the second star location.
  3. Teleport to Edgeville using an Amulet of glory and run east to the Fairy ring. Enter CKS, then run north to the start point of Burgh de Rott Ramble. Start the minigame with the Adventurer and take the easy path. Evade any events that appear until you reach Burgh de Rott. Run to the third star location north of the bank.

{{FromGame}} {{Infobox Item |name = M. and Thok letter (part 1) |AKA = |release = [[12 April]] [[2010]] |update = Dungeoneering Skill! |image = |members = No |quest = No |tradeable = No |equipable = No |stackable = No |destroy = ''.'' |high = 0 |low = 0 |store = 0 |examine = |weight = }} '''''' is a [[book]] obtained while training [[Dungeoneering]] as a reward for completing a dungeon which appears by the exit door after the [[Dungeoneering/Bosses|boss monster]] is killed. It, combined with the other parts of the book, make up the full [what book is about]. Once the book has been obtained once it is impossible to obtain it again. However, it can still be read by using a [[Ring of kinship]] to view the [[Dungeon Journal]] along with all other texts obtained in Daemonheim. == Contents == {{Dungeon Journal}} [[Category:Dungeoneering items]][[Category:Books]][[Category:Texts & Tomes]]

This is a planned thread for the forums. I can't think of another good name for Timbo so I am storing it here.

Mod Timbo is such a bland, boring name that I feel it should be spruced up a bit. With the new name changing feature, I want to gain enough supporters to peer pressure Mod Timbo into changing his name into something more...awesome! His name only has to be awesome for 28 days before he can change back to the bleakness called "Timbo".

Now the real question is what is the best name to change to. I assume that Jagex mods have the same 12 character limit on usernames as we do, so the word that follows "Mod " has to be less then 8 letters long. Unfortunately, that means that "Mod Triceratops" is out :( I have decided that the second best name is therefore "Mod Pwns MMG"

Now the most efficient method for achieving change is peer pressure, so I plan on tapping into this resource by making Timbo feel like he has to change his name or else he isn't cool.

If there is some technical reason that means that Jagex Mods can't change their name, tell me and I will close the thread.

Disclaimer: I don't actually think that Timbo's name is horrible, I just degraded his name to juxtapose, and therefore enhance, my suggestion. I have been writing English Essays recently as you can probably tell.

Is "Mod Pwns MMG" any good?? I can't tell since I have overthought the name.
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#[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning

><>, <><

Fishing or Fish
>_> Used as a sign for things like; "yeah right", mostly typed as a response to a lie from a player, or just a stupid thing he/she said.
>_< , >.< A way to say "oh my gosh" or "grr"
¥ A lobster, made by holding the alt button and typing 157 on the keypad to the right.
2day Today
2moro, 2mrw Tomorrow
2h Two-handed sword
360 Ket-Zek
702, Jad TzTok-Jad
,, or ,,/, Giving someone the finger

A[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Abby Abyssal, Aberrant Spectres
Acc Account, Accuracy
Acp Armadyl chestplate
Addy Adamant
AFAIK As far as I know
AFK Away from keyboard
AFKing Having one's character train while the actual player is not using their computer, or other form of internet access.
Aggy, Agil, Agi Agility
Ags Armadyl godsword
Ah Ahrim
Air Air Rune
AKA Also known as, As known as
Alch(ing) Alchemy. It could also be used with a prefix (High or Low) with the meaning of high level alchemy and low level alchemy respectively.
AMG Expressive form of OMG
Ammy Amulet
Ancients Ancient Magicks, Ancient Curses
Anti Anti-poison potion, Anti-dragon shieldAntifire
Antishield Anti-dragon shield
AoG Armies of Gielinor, an online multiplayer game designed by FunOrb. It is based on the world of RuneScape.
Arc Arcane Spirit Shield
ASAP As soon as possible
azzh0le, assh0ole, assh0le asswhole Asshole
Atk, Att Attack, Attacker (In Barbarian Assault)
ATM "At the moment", or "At this moment", or "At the most"
Ancient Pray(er) Ancient Curses
Ave, Avies, Avains, Avvy's Avianses
Axe Used to mean hatchet, as they were named axes before the 1 April 2009 update, as mentioned in 1st April Patch Notes.

B[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
B2P Bones to Peaches
Barb Barbarian, Barb-tail harpoon, Barbarian Village
Baxe Battleaxe
Barrowing Barrows Playing the minigame, also often said by players trying to borrow items.
BA Barbarian Assault
BBL Be back later
BB Bye Bye, Big Bones, Bone Bolts
B bones Big bones
BBS Be back soon
BBV, BV, BBvill Barbarian Village
BCNU Be seein’ you
Bcp Bandos Chestplate
Bf Boyfriend, Best Friend, Blast Furnace, Bad fight (duelling)
Bff Best Friend Forever
Bgs Bandos godsword
Bh Bounty Hunter
Blk Black, block
Bot A computer program that plays RuneScape for a person
Brac, Brace Bracelet
Brassy Verac's brassard
BRB Be right back
Broads Broad-tipped bolts (Ranged ammunition)
BRT Be right there
Br/brz bronze
BS Bow strings, bullshit, backstab, bank sale
Bsk/Bskr Berserker as in the shield.
Barstard Bastard
B sale, Bsale Bank sale
BTS Be there soon, Behind the Scenes
BTW By the way

C[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Cbow/xbow Crossbow, crystal bow
Cammy Camelot
Camo Camouflage items from Drill Demon random event
Cathy Catherby
Cav Cavalier hats
CB Combat, cannonballs, Corporeal Beast)
CBA Corrupt Dragon Battleaxe
CBB Can't be bothered
CBF Can't be fucked.
CC Clan chat
Chain Chainmail
Chinny/Chins/Chinning Chinchompas, or the act of hunting/using chinchompas
Claws Dragon claws, or (less commonly) any other metal claws
Clean When one hits a even number ending with 0, (e.x. a clean 120, a clean 300)
Clue, CS Clue scroll
Clueing Attempting to get a Clue Scroll, for a period of time
Clwars, clw Clan Wars
Con/Cons Construction/Constitution
Cool story bro Often spammed on the rants forum and means "I don't care."
Cool Wall Bro Often spammed on the rants forum and means "You made a wall of text, so I don't care."
Corp Corporeal Beast
CP Constitution Points
CS Customer support/Clue scroll/CoinShare
Ct Can't talk, Chaos tunnels
Ctrl Control key
Cause, Cus, Cos, Coz, Cuz Because
CW Castle Wars, Clan Wars
Cu, Cya See you
Cul8r, Cyal8r See you later
Crys Crystal

D[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning Reportable?
D Dragon
D2H Dragon two-handed sword
Da Duel Arena
Dagg Dagannoth, Dagger
D axe/D hatchet Dragon hatchet
DBA Dragon battleaxe
D bones Dragon bones
D Chain/Dcb Dragon chainbody
D Claws /drag claws Dragon claws
Dck, D1ck Dick
Dced Disconnected
DD Dragon dagger
DD+/DDP+ Dragon dagger extra poisoned; sometimes mistakenly used to instead of DDP++
DDP Dragon dagger poisoned
DDS/DDP++ Dragon dagger super poisoned
DDSing/DDSer Duelling by using 4 Dragon dagger (p++)specials then switching to another weapon, usually an Abyssal whip.
Death dot/DD A player killing tactic where a number of players stand on the same square, making them appear as one player on the minimap.
Def Defence, Defender
Def/defence Noob Insulting term directed toward a player with low Defence. Usually in PvP.
Def/defence Tank Player with a defence level of upwards of 90 or higher. Usually a player who is not pure and has Defence as one of their highest combat skills
Dfh/ D full Dragon Full Helm
Dfs Dragonfire Shield
Dh Dharoks
D hide, D'hide Dragon hide
Dharok'ing/Dh'ing Getting one's life points as low as possible while in full Dharok's to maximise damage inflicted in battle. Often accompanied with Protection prayers.
DIY Do it yourself, gathering supplies yourself
DK Dagannoth Kings, Dorgesh-Kaan
D legs Dragon platelegs
D long Dragon longsword
DL Darklight
DM Deathmatch, meaning for two people to fight each other to the death
D med Dragon medium helm
Dp Drop Potential
D pick Dragon pickaxe
D pl8 Dragon platebody
Drag Dragon, armour or monster
Drop rate Chance of a monster dropping a specific item
DS Dragon spear, Double shot (mainly used in reference to the Dark bow and Magic shortbow)
D Scimmy, D Scim, Dragon Scimmy Dragon scimitar
DT Desert Treasure
Dusties Dust devils
DW Don't worry, Dick wit
Dyk Dyke
Doosh, Doushe Douche

E[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Ecty, ecto Ectofuntus
Edge, Edgy Edgeville
Eff Variation on "Fuck"
Ello, Erro Hello
Ely, ESS Elysian spirit shield
Emmy Emerald
Emote Emotion
En, Enrg Energy
Ess Rune/Pure essence
Etc Etceteria
Ew Elemental workshop
Exp/Exps/Xp Experience points
EZ Easy

F[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
F2P/F2Pers, Ftp, Freers Non-members (Free to Play)
Faqqot Faggot
Fally Falador
Farcaster Someone who casts a "hold" spell and doesn't go face-to-face with another player (often used with Ancient Magic's).
FB FaceBook
FFS For freak's sake, For fuck's sake
FI/Fall Fall in. (Pking), used to get people to follow a leader into a war or battle/pk trip.
Fist, Fisting Fist of Guthix, or fighting Unarmed
FM Firemaking, Farming, Forum moderator
FML Fuck my life, For my loss
FMod Forum moderator
Fo FunOrb, Fuck off
Fog Fist of guthix
Fogging Playing Fist of Guthix repetitively
Frag(s) Soul Fragments used in the Soul Wars Minigame, or Clay Fragments in the Stealing Creation game.
Fremmy Fremennik
Froob, Fr00b Variation of "Noob"
FSSR For some strange reason...
FTFY Fixed that for you
FTL For the loss
FTW For the win
Fuc, 4uck Fuck
Fu Fuck you
Full Complete set that usually consists of a helm, shield, body piece and leg piece; or a full inventory (e.g. all 28 slots filled)
Funning Duelling for fun (possible rules and no stake)
FWIW For what it's worth
FYI For your information

G[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
G axe Dharok's greataxe
GD Green dragon, good
GE, GX Grand Exchange
Gert, GJ Gertjaars
GF Good fight, girlfriend, go figure
G4u Good for you
GG Good game, General Graardor
Gfus, Gfy Go fuck yourself
GJ Good job
GL Good luck, get lost
Glwt Good luck with that
Glory Amulet of glory
Gmaul Granite maul
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GP Gold pieces, good point
GN Good night, Good news
Gr8 Great
Gr8 axe Dharok's greataxe
Gratz, Grats, Gz Congratulations
GS Godsword
G Spear Guthans warspear
GTFO Get the fFuckuck off/out
GTG/G2G Got to go
Guth, Gth Guthix, or Guthan's
Gayy, [email protected], 'gay, Gaay Gay
Gwas Game was a success
GWD God Wars Dungeon

H[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Hally Halberd
HAM Humans Against Monsters
Hax Hack/To cheat (most often used as a joke, but also a term for account thievery or abusing bugs)
Haxor, Hacks A player who "hacks" or is an expert internet user (most often used as a joke, as above)
Helm Helmet
Hemmy, Hemi Hemenster
Herb/Herby Herblore
Herro Variation of 'hello'.
Hilt Godsword hilt
Hiya, Hi Hello
HM How much?
Hop To log out then change worlds
HPK Honour PKing (See also: NH)
HRU How Are You?
Hr Hour
HT, Home P, Homeport, H Tele (Lumbridge) Home teleport

I[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
IC I see
IDC I don't care
IDGAF I don't give a fuck
IDFK I don't fucking know
IDK I don't know
IDTS I don't think so
Iggy, iggi Ignore list
Ihu/ihy I hate you
Ik I know
Ilu, ily, i<3u I love you
IMO In my opinion
IMHO In my honest/humble opinion
IOH I'm "outta" here
IRL In real life

J[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Jad TzTok-Jad
Janitor A player who collects drops that were left behind
JK/Jkn/Jkin Joke/Just kidding/Joking
JP/JPn/JPin Just Playing
JMod Jagex moderator
Jw Just wondering,jumping worlds

K[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
K, kk Okay, OK
[number]K kilo meaning 1,000 (e.g.: 10K=10,000)
KO Knock-out, instant kill
KB Knowledge Base, former name for Game Guide
KBD King Black Dragon
KC Kill count
Kelda, Keldy Keldagrim
Kewl, Kool, Kul, Kwl Cool
Kite Kite shield
KJ Kill Jacked
KMA Kiss my ass
KQ Kalphite Queen
Kthxbai Ok, thanks. Bye.
Ks(er/ing) "Kill steal(er/ing)", meaning to attack a monster another player already attacked, and 'stealing' the experience and any drops the original player may have gotten.
Kum Cum (Semen)

L[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
L Shorthand of lol
L2PK, L2__ Learn to PK - Players often use this if a player doesn't succeed at PJ'ing (A form of Player Killing). Sometimes players will drop the "PK" and add their own suffix, such as "L2Merch"
les bien, lezbien, lezbo, lesbean, lessbean Lesbian
L8r/L8er Later
Lag, Lagg Latency, slow or unreliable internet connection
Large Full helm
Law Law rune
Lawl Laugh, LOL (LOL and Lawl are both pronounced "lawl" in most cases)
LBS Leaf-bladed Sword, Leaf-bladed Spear, or the abbreviation of pounds
Leet/L33t/1337 A language of symbols replacing characters
Legs Platelegs
Lesser Lesser demon
LFC Looking For Clan, mainly used in the clan wars lobby.
LFG Looking For Group
Life Ring of Life
Limit Refer to Trade limit. Often used by item lenders to lending an item out without having to junk trade
Lirl Laughing in real life
Lmao Laughing my arse off
Lmfao Laughing my fucking ass off
Lob/Lobby/Lobs Lobster
Lol, lolz, lul, lulz Laugh out loud
Lollage Many lols/Much lolling
Long Longsword/Longbow
Looter One that gathers on the spot of a kill in hopes they can get something valuable.
LP Life points
Lpot Lobster Pot
LS Loot Share
LSP Loot Share points
LTNS Long time, no see
LTMSQ Laugh to myself quietly
Lumby/Lummy Lumbridge
Lvl/lv Level
LY/LU Love you