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Dear peoples of RuneScape Wikia.

I am currently in my final term of high school ever and as I have the HSC (Higher School Certificate) in a few months. This fact, in combination with that the crude method I have of accessing the wikia currently it so bad that I can't achieve anything noteworthy, have made me decide to go on a "Wikibreak" as well as a total "RuneScapebreak" until it is all over. Based on my current estimates I should be easily be able to get into "Biomedical sciences" at my university with a bit of room to spare, though I have never really pushed myself to achieve anything (my "study" consists of doing half the homework and 2 hours of revision the night before the test) so I have decided to sacrifice the wikia in exchange for trying to see what I am truly capable of. I don't plan on being someone who studies every night for hours in the quest for a 99.85 ATAR and doesn't have time for an outside world, but the RuneScape wikia was undoubtedly the greatest method of procrastination and time wasting. On the upside, my guitar hero ability will most likely explode as it will become my #1 method of time wasting.

I am not organised enough to know the date of my final test (October??), but sometime soon after that I plan on buying myself a laptop which should remove all the problems I am currently experiencing with wikia and the internet. Never fear though, I do plan on returning to editing the Wikia after the HSC.

Thanks, regards and Auf Wiedersehen Unicorn horn dust.png Evil Yanks talk 11:07, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

Too the people wondering why I never returned 6 months or so ago when the HSC ended, basically I never got a large will for me to kick start my wikia career again. This would due to zeveral things, including me joining multiple social groups, while attempting to keep in touch with everyone; me gaining a car allowing me to basically do something every day; the degradation of my internet to a speed in which trying to use a wikia which would require constant link clicking would be infuriating; and probably partially because of the social stigma associated with all MMORPGs (Not that I hid the fact I played RuneScape. A couple of my friends also played other MMOs. I wasn't ashamed).
It is possible that I will return to editing one day if there is some major shake-up in my life and I suddenly get lots of free time, but I don't see that in the foreseeable future. And in case you were wondering, my guitar hero ability has greatly improved. I can now play every song from GH5 on Expert reasonably well, and in general across all GH games most 9/10 difficulty songs on expert. I am in the mood to make another quiz of DOOM now though for some reason... Unicorn horn dust.png Evil Yanks talk 16:23, May 13, 2011 (UTC)

Intro[edit | edit source]

Hello, I am Evil Yanks though most people call me Evil. I am a forum Junkie, going on them more then I am in-game. That is the end of the very short intro.

this thread is brilliant, great idea, well thought out, i want to do this now Lol defo support!!!
PrO x PaN1c

Goals[edit | edit source]

Skill Goals[edit | edit source]

I might do something crazy and put up two goals simultaneously! "Impossible" you might say, but I respond "Nay, I am Evil Yanks and thus it is mundane", to which you say "touché".

Ranged 100%
0 levels
Firemaking 100%
0 levels
Mining 100%
0 levels
Thieving 100%
0 levels
Herblore 100%
0 levels
Agility 100%
0 levels
Hunter 91%
69  70 
1 level

Website Suggestion Threads[edit | edit source]

I have three threads in the Website Feedback Forum suggestion something on RuneScape. I have this to show how the 3 threads are going. All three threads look quite promising in 3 different ways.

  • Though "A RWT Free Private Drop Party" currently is slightly pointing in the direction that it will be added imo. I am quite sure that Jagex have used part of the idea already. This trade limit update appears to have taken the the part of the idea where the requirements become more harsh depending on how long someone has been on their friends list and applied it to the trade limit. There were no large threads that I had thought of the idea, and the timing is perfect for if it was to be based off my thread. Andrew created a thread called Increased trade limit (link dead) a few months after I created the thread, though it took about a year after he mentioned it for it to be added to the game. Why would it take that long unless they previously were not recording the time on the friends list and had to wait for the friend-trade-limit-thing to reach maximum to hide the fact. This means that Jagex have already added half the features that need to be added for the RWT trade limit to work.
  • A RWT Free Auction Idea is a strange one. A mod actually dared to post on it (they don't post on a thread normally unless there is a major fault with the idea, but they didn't point one out). The strangest thing was that when Mod Timbo replied, he said that he "would have to see some sort of live test to see how it would run". This would imply that Jagex want to test the idea to see if it works?!?!
  • I would also like to point out Jatizso Having a Revolution?? since it is doing so well. Lead designer of RuneScape content, Mod Mark, posted on it simply saying "cool!". It is hard to take that a bad way. With the Q&A: RuneScape Content's Answers, some even better evidence appeared supporting my thread. Mod Mark (who posted on my thread) replies to a question in it saying that he gets lots of ideas for quests from the Future Updates forum where the thread is located. He has only ever posted on one quest-related thread in Future updates, which was my thread!

Signature[edit | edit source]

The original: User talk Evil Yanks Contribs

The minimalist approach: Unicorn horn dust.png Evil Yanks talk

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See also User:Evil yanks/Quiz of DOOM for some awe-inspiring trivia pages that I made. Hopefully I will make more in the future!