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Ok, this is surely impossible, a complete walkthrough for Runescape?

Ok, maybe a guide to completing all quests with minimal stats, little trading work with other players, and nothing too dull or repetitive?

Let's go!!! (Anyone - feel free to edit/add/remove stuff)...

Suggested walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • do tutorial island
  • obtain a knife from lumbridge kitchens, start Cook's assistant.
  • make 12 coins by thieving men (32 thieving exp, level 1)
  • buy 2 buckets, a tinderbox and a pot if you don't have them already.
  • Travel up to the chicken house and collect an egg, and about 20 chickens which should be being killed by other players. Cook these chickens. (400 exp, level 5 - assumes you burn 1/3rd)
  • return back down the road and milk a cow to get 2 buckets of milk on the way back. Pick up any cow hides lying around if other players are killing them.
  • Give the cook in lumbridge the egg and the milk, and bank the rest of your stuff (not food) at the bank on the top floor.
  • make 450 coins by thieving men, using the chickens for healing (1200 thieving exp, level 10)
  • woodcut normal trees to level 15 woodcutting (100 logs), whilst fletching them into arrow shafts. Gives 500 fletching exp getting level 5 fletching.
  • cut 61 normal trees (level 19 woodcutting) and burn these for level 15 firemaking (2500 exp).

We sort of need a better axe soon, but we have no money to buy one for now. Let's abandon woodcutting for now and train agility.

  • Travel to draynor, then port sarim, talk to Redbeard Frank on the dock and start Pirate's treasure.
  • Go to the food shop and buy a pot of flour.
  • Go to karamja, buy a bottle of rum and complete the first part of Pirate's treasure, by picking bananas, doing the crate etc.
  • Travel west, through brimhaven, and pick as many pinapples as you can, then on to Ardougne (bank your pineapples).
  • Travel northwest to the gnome stronghold.
  • Train agility to 30.

Now that we have agility raised a bit (at least for eligibility for the next courses), let's do something else.

  • Travel to Seers village, withdraw your pot and go and do Murder Mystery, earning you 1406 crafting exp and 2k cash (level 11 crafting)
  • We will need a bit of money soon. Go and pick 280 flax and spin into bowstrings (4200 craft exp = level 23). Sell the bowstrings cheaply, say 120 each for a quick sale - 48k cash)
  • Travel to Catherby, buy a small net.
  • Catch and cook 81 shrimp (405 fishing exp, level 5 fishing, 1620 cooking exp, level 12 cooking)
  • Buy 104 bait and a fishing rod. Catch 104 sardines (2080 fishing exp taking you to 2485 exp level 15, cooking total exp 4500 level 20). Save one raw sardine for later.

State of play:

Agility: 30 (13400)
Crafting: 22 (5606)
Fishing: 15 (2485)
Cooking: 20 (4500)
Thieving: 10 (1200)
Woodcut: 19 (4025)
Hits: 10
Assets: 50k

Some more questing...

  • Suicide back to lumbridge. Go to the top floor bank and retrieve a pot of flour
  • Complete cook's assistant (+300 cooking exp = 4800, level 20 still)
  • Start rune mysteries by talking to the duke
  • Start the restless ghost at the church
  • Buy some shears from the shop and do Sheep Shearer (+150 crafting = 5756)
  • West to Draynor, go to the manor and do Ernest the chicken. (4qp)
  • South to the draynor, start vampire slayer.
  • Go into the swamp and talk to Father Urheny to get the amulet of ghostspeak.
  • Go south to the wizard's tower, talk to sedridor (rune mysteries) and imp catcher
  • Back to draynor village, withdraw 15 pineapples, and a little cash, travel to the farming patches and put the pineapples in the bin. Buy a rake and weed all the patches at the same time. (tiny amount of farming exp - more later!)
  • Travel to Rimmington (buy an eye of newt on the way and pick an onion) and start witch's potion. (Just need burnt meat and rat's tail now to finish this quest)
  • Kill a giant rat using air strike (ya, pfft), take its meat and tail and complete witch's potion. (magic level 4!)
  • Collect some onions on your way north.
Quests done: Cook's assistant, Murder mystery, Ernest the chicken, sheep shearer, witch's potion
Started: Rune mysteries, vampire slayer, restless ghost
  • Go to Falador and buy an iron chainbody (will come in useful for the Black knights quest later).
  • Go north to Doric and start his quest.
  • Go further north and start goblin diplomacy.
  • Now travel southeast to the Barbarian village, buy a bronze medium helm (Black Knights preparation)
  • With your new found wealth from selling bowstrings, go into the dwarven mines and buy a variety of pickaxes - bronze, steel, mithril, adamant and rune. This will virtually bankrupt you, but don't worry, more money can be made later!
  • Mine 6 clay whilst you're in the mine (Doric's quest)
  • Back to the barbarian village.
  • east and start Gertrude's Cat, collect some doogle leaves from round the back of Gertrude's house.
  • east and start Romeo & Juliet
  • Enter Varrock!

It's almost time to start training skills again, but a few miscellaneous quest tasks first.

  • Speak to Romeo in the square (romeo+juliet)
  • Speak to Shilop/Wilough, give them 100 coins (Gertrude's Cat)
  • Buy a white apron from the clothing shop (Pirate's treasure)
  • Check the shop - buy any coloured beads, goblin armour, mind talisman.
  • Start Shield of Arrav by talking to Reldo the librarian.
  • Speak to Aubury (rune mysteries)
  • Speak to Father Lawrence in the church (romeo+juliet)
  • Withdraw your saved sardine from earlier, the doogle leaves and the bucket of milk and go northeast of varrock to the lumber yard. Do the bit with the cat, return to Gertrude, back to the lumber yard, back to Gertrude to finish Gertrude's Cat (+1525 cooking exp = 6325xp, level 23)
  • Speak to the apothecary on the way back and forth (romeo+juliet)

Time to mine...

  • Start mining at Varrock east mine. Mine 84 tin and 84 copper (6 trips total). On your 7th trip, pick up a cadavaberry and several redberries and mine an extra 4 copper and 2 iron. (approx 3k exp mining, level 16) (Doric's quest)
  • Keep checking the shop for coloured beads, goblin armour, mind talisman!

More questing...

  • Talk to the apothecary, and sort out the cadavaberry potion, go and speak to Juliet to the west of varrock. She will drink the potion (romeo+juliet)
  • Talk to romeo in the centre of varrock to complete romeo+juliet
  • Get all the ores you need out of the bank and go back to complete Doric's quest (+1300 mining exp = 4300xp, level 19)
  • Go to Falador and smelt all the tin and copper you made earlier to get 84 bronze bars - 546 smithing exp, level 6)
  • Start Black Knights
  • Get some woad leaves off the gardener in falador park.
  • Go to port sarim, and complete Pirate's Treasure.
  • Go back to Draynor, get some dyes made for later (goblin diplomacy)
  • Go south to the tower and complete rune mysteries

State of play:

Agility: 30 (13400)
Cooking: 23 (6325)
Crafting: 22 (5756)
Fishing: 15 (2485)
Mining: 19 (4300)
Thieving: 10 (1200)
Woodcut: 19 (4025)
Hits: 10
Smithing: 6 (546)
Magic: 4 (325)
Assets: 5k ish, selection of pickaxes
Quests done: Rune mysteries, Gertrude's Cat, Murder Mystery, Romeo & Juliet, Ernest the chicken, Cook's Assistant, Sheep Shearer, Witch's Potion, Doric's Quest.
Started: Shield of Arrav, Restless Ghost, Imp Catcher, Goblin Diplomacy, Black Knight's