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Air Guitar emote icon.png This user is male.
P2P icon.png This user is a {{{1}}} member.

Security book.png This user follows all the RuneScape rules.
2005 This user has been playing RuneScape since 2005.

Multicombat.png This user has a combat level of 191.
Wiki.png This user edits the RuneScape Wiki when bored.

We hate people who call lower level players 'noobs'.
This user is a noob protector.
A Blue skirt, the sign of pro-Jagex players. This user supports Jagex.

Private chat button.png This user has private chat set to friends.
Overseer clan rank.png This user is an overseer in the clan Sorrow Knights.

Assist icon.png This user is willing to assist other players in the game.
User lends for free friends This user will lend items to friends without charging, and expects the same in return from friends when borrowing.

Chocolate bar.png This user loves chocolate.
This user is a socialiser.

Magnifying glass.png This user examines everything!
The rarer, the better.
Censorship is for cabbage. This user wants censored words to be replaced with "Cabbage" again.

Toktz-mej-tal.png This user is JalYt-Mej.
Music note.png This user listens to RuneScape music.

Dragon halberd.png This user has owned all dragon weapons.
Wooden shield.png This user uses a Wooden Shield, and is proud of it.

Blue dye.png This user's favourite colour is blue, the colour of peace.
😠 This User has ANGER ISSUES!!!

Azzanadra (skeletal) chathead.png
This user's favourite Mahjarrat is Azzanadra, the champion of Zaros.
Zaros symbol.png This user follows Zaros,
the Empty Lord.

Small leap emote icon.png This user follows themselves because they are awesome and amazing. This religion is now becoming increasingly popular.
❤️✨ This user misses Goo Hara

Woodcutting-icon.pngThis user has a woodcutting level of 99.
Magic-icon.pngThis user has a magic level of 99.

Firemaking-icon.pngThis user has a firemaking level of 99.


Cooking This user's favourite skill is cooking.
White magic staff.png This user is a mage

Gielinor This user's hasn't got a favourite place, all of Gielinor's places are charmy in their own way.
The symbol of administrators. This user is a RuneScape Wiki editor without additional rights.

Agility.png This user is currently active on the RuneScape Wiki.
Recent changes patroller This user is a recent changes patroller.

Heh... Not a good predicament here. This user fights in Clan Wars when bored.

Blue partyhat.png This user has a partyhat... in his dreams.
Citadel forum icon.png This user does work at the Clan Citadel when bored.