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Yes. Im a 5 Year veteran and personally i think that the cape should be free and not cost 50k.

Hello! This is a Page about Me! Essexboi13 (Hot elfrange)

Im a 5 year Veteran on runescape and have enjoyed my time as a High level and Earning couple of millions but Sadley that money does not Stay in my Pocket anymore as i devoted alot of it to helping Clans! I will willingly Help anybody who needs cash and if there case is Good enough i wou;d give them A Bgs or a HVI (High Value item) which they could sell or keep.

My Highst State is 70-Woodcutting,Defence,Attack,Strength,Range.

I do Not really focus on my Attacking ones but i merely just get items which i find of gigh value and pocket them into my bank where they will stay untill i sell or give them Away!

What i hate!

Within the last month alot of people have been comming to me trying to get money off me for "Horse games" or say that He/She had been "Scammed By a Trust game" i have heard of these but please-ITS MY MONEY AND YOU SHOULDN'T BE SO STUPID TO GIVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO OBVISOULY IS GOING TO SCAM!-

Also i hate level 3 skillers :-)

That's all For the monment Ladies and Gents!

Essexboi13 11:29, December 19, 2011 (UTC)Essexboi13!