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Welcome to Erik fedrik's userpage!

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Goodbye, thanks for playing runescape, game over now.

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Hi im Erik fedrik and welkome on my profil!

How i begon whit playing Runescape (1 first age)[edit | edit source]

It all begun in the year 2006, my brother found this game by a frend, and my brother he loosed his account.

When i begun playing RuneScape (second age)[edit | edit source]

And then he created a now account charmed0009 (ALLI m) sombody gave him a CB 26 and he started play it. Then in the year 2009 i started playing runescape and my brother quited and it was a cb 47 i think and it was noobish it gotted only somme litle piece rune armour and more nothing and i started playing runescape when i was 9.

Years of training (third age)[edit | edit source]

And after that all gotted somme more experinse about the game i learned how to do play the game and i wanned to start to make somme Coins, and i begun training skills and did quests. It taked me a long timme, and after 3 years playing i leveled up my skills i played 3 months to get 99 Defence. But the poornes yust begun here.

And now (Fourth age)[edit | edit source]

Now im bussy whit making monney my 6 months stopped and now its hard to make money on rs i try to make money whit Iron ores, now i got 10M cash and when i be again Member ill try to stake money, but one of the requirment is done 99 defence! The next would be 99 strength!

After Fourth age my game experience has stopped. Because of EOC.