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The island on which Ashdale stands was first settled in approximately 1619 of the Fourth Age by emigrants from Lumbridge, who left the mainland in pursuit of a better quality of life. After discovering the island, which was at that time uninhabited, they quickly established a small community, surviving principally on fish from the surrounding ocean and vegetables grown in small allotments.

Approximately 530 years ago, the islanders established their first official settlement (essentially just a collection of crude wooden houses) and named it Ashdale in honour of the birthplace of one of the founders. The community maintains ties with the mainland, but with the island producing no large quantities of marketable commodities, the residents, although self-sufficient, are poor.

Thirty years after the village was established a small party of Saradominist missionaries landed on the island. Within two generations of their arrival, most of the population had become Saradominist.

Things began to change in the year 1749 when mineral deposits were discovered in the east of the island. An abundance of natural resources and precious stones were unearthed, and the town quickly became wealthy.

With their new found wealth, the islanders imported stone and other materials from the mainland, and replaced their wooden houses with handsome stone homesteads. A large church, dedicated to Saradomin, was also erected.

Ashdale remains a self-sufficient town, with luxuries imported from the mainland. On the whole there is little discord and life is peaceful.