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rs name: eqrve real name: lewis you tube name: deadlyfishy1 lvl: 77

how i make money.

pure essence but i will be moving on to barrows soon. the reason i am not doing barrows now is because i find it to hard. its not like i cant do it i cant just do it easily, it just takes to much time and costs allot of money if you don't get a piece of barrows equipment. i will wate till i am higher combat then i will do it for profit not a challenge. also you get called allot of names at barrows and you lose you're concentration.

my goals

my main goal is 70 attack so i can wield barrows weapons, i will then do underground pass quest. i will then get 70 strength. i plan to do all this over the next 1 to 2 months

special achievements

1. did monkey madness at lvl 74 2. did grand tree at lvl 60 3. did tree gnome village lvl 54 4. killed 2 lesser demons with full bronze and a bronze battle axe

goals over next year

get 70 attack get 70 strenth get 70 defence get 60 magic