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Nostalgia[edit | edit source]

I started playing a really long time ago (2001), but have put in less hours than most that joined in the last year. Given how long I've been playing, I've seen RS change drastically over the years. Major milestones:

  • Addition of Adamant platebody (until then Mithril platebody was the best armour available)
  • The addition of the prayer skill (technically it was in the game that whole time, but you could only gain experience, not do anything useful).
  • The consolidation of "evil" and "good" magic into one magic spellbook.
  • The addition of a PK/non-PK switch, where those wanting to kill players (then outside of any major city) could only kill others who had the PK option enabled...and you could only switch 3 times total.
  • The addition of Asgarnia (Falador, Monastery, etc)
  • The addition of the second and third servers.
  • The removal of the "tell" option (back then all private messaging was done by typing /tell username message)
  • The addition of the wilderness.
  • The first rune two-handed sword being introduced to the game by being smithed by a player.
  • The introduction of P2P.
  • The change to RS' 3D engine.

Ramblings[edit | edit source]

Given how long I've known this game, I've always had a spot in my heart (and wallet) for those who don't act like noobs. No, not noobs in the new-player sense, but noobs in the "OMG you have 20M gps on you! Cmon, gmme a mill. Why not, you ahve sooooooooo much!" sense. As a result, I've always given generously to those who ask for little things, and turned away those who beg for things above their head. For example, if someone comes and asks me for 2 air runes, I may give them 500. But if another sees I have 40 thousand air runes, and asks for 500, I will give him none.

I'm rich by virtue of the fact that I've been playing a long time. I don't like short term trading in Runescape (buying rares and selling for 100k more ten minutes later) or in real life, because it contributes nothing to the game (or the world), but I am proud of my foresight on December 25th, 2002. I logged on for a few minutes to see if there were any drops. I learned that Jagex was dropping Santa hats. I immediately started asking around for people willing to sell Santa hats, and ended up buying 20 at 20k each. The guy thought I was completely nuts, given what they were selling for at the time. I then quit Runescape for a year or two. I returned to see my investment had gone up in value 15 fold. My investment is now worth 100,000% of its initial cost.

GP vs. Coins[edit | edit source]

Coins 10000.png
This user finds the argument between "coins" and "GP" tiring.

I'm not going to fuel the factual side of this debate: whether RS currency is more properly called "coins" or "GP," but I do want to state my stance on it. I call coins "GP" in game. Many users are adamantly against the use of "GP" in this Wiki. I understand the opinion, but I think it's absolutely ridiculous.

Why? Because the term "GP" predates most of those very players. I started playing Runescape casually in 2001, and I never heard RS currency called anything except for "GP." Hence, the term has been used as long as the game has been in existence.

So, whether or not Jagex officially acknowledges the term, the player base does. And as this game is an MMORPG, the player base is really the only thing that matters. Hence, if the player base decided 6 YEARS ago that coins would be called GP, they're called GP.

As a contributer, because so many people are absurdly against this usage, I will always describe coins using "proper" (so they say) terminology: "coins." I just think it's ridiculous that one can have such a passionate stance on something so trivial, and something that predates most of them.

This just in. Take a look at the most recent [ Postbag from the hedge] page. Note that all stamps are branded with the GP!