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Hey guys, Elven here! I have been playing runescape for about 3 years now! I had slow training at first, but got a big jumpstart last year, now, as a member. I very much enjoy slayer, my slayers only 67, but i will get a cape one day. My highest levels are 77 range and HP, but my attack is 75 with 76 strength.

I hang out with alot of RS friends, but none of them use the rs wikia, anyone who wants to be a friend, shoot me a message, i'll add you!!!

I have alot of things i do for fun in runescape, if i'm on, i'll do any of these things:

Dagganoth kings

Rev hunting




Just chilling

Training any combat skill, NO mage though, just don't do it

GWD suicide missions, its fun, and wastes time

any multicombat higher leveled monsters.