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as Elven_Ashwin.
Hello, welcome to my userpage! Ever since joined runescape in 2008, i have been contributing to this wiki, however i only created a rs wiki account over 3 years later. I particularly enjoy quests, though with 295 quest points i have quite a bit to go.At the moment, im planning on completing RotM and Branches of Darkmeyer, after which i'll only have a few boring quests and Nomad's Requiem left to go :D. At the moment im trying to analyse certain monster locations, and write on the monster's articles about the efficiency, limits and/or advantages of these locations.

Quest Goals:

Quest.png 95%
16 Quest Points
  • complete Ritual of the Mahjarrat

Wiki Goals:.

  • Make a strategy section in the vanstrom klause article(after completing Branches)
  • Test out polypore staff at fight caves
  • Record Tztok Jad sounds(its kinda hard to fight jad and record at the same time lol)
  • Test out poly staff at metal dragons