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The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete.
Jim teh Mage
Total level: 2229
Attack 81Constitution 84Mining 90
Strength 81Agility 85Smithing 87
Defence 81Herblore 99Fishing 86
Ranged 78Thieving 84Cooking 99
Prayer 99Crafting 99Firemaking 93
Magic 88Fletching 99Woodcutting 89
Runecrafting 90Slayer 75Farming 99
Construction 99Hunter 83Summoning 88
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 118Quests 297
Music 618Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 11:38, 08 Febuary 2010 (UTC)
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Created this page to serve as a "mini-guide" to how I got my stats, in the case someone wanted to train to a certain level and wanted advise on how someone personally got it. I'll divide the training I did into 3 sections, combat (including slayer), nonmember, and member. I'll work on this on and off as it's somewhat of a large project. Keep in mind that this page will not be 100% accurate ever as in years of play I didn't bother remembering all the ways I've trained.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Slayer - The guide for combat will kick off with Slayer due to alot of my combat training comes from slayer now. My master of choice, at first, was the highest one I could use at the time, however I soon realized that the highest ones at the time wanted to kill me or something due to giving me very difficult tasks for my combat level, so I used the one below them. The exception of this was Kuradel(who at the time was not only the slayer cape master but was still alive) while not easy was still do-able as opposed to Mazchna who requested I kill vampires and Ice warriors at roughly 40 combat. This is also one of the stats I find useful to use penguin points on.

Attack - My attack level is caused by an overuse of whips. As stated in slayer a lot of my combat training is with Slayer, while not on slayer tasks I'm killing dust devils for their charms for summoning (see summoning below) or killing random monsters.

Strength - Same strategy as attack.

Defence - Same as above.

Constitution - I never train this really, it's trained whilst I'm working on other combat stats obviously.

Prayer - Prayer training is usally at the Ectofuntus or Gilded altar(Mostly Glided after 70), I rarely bury bones except Big bones or Jogre bones due to bones being not worth the time at higher levels and big/jogre bones are sometimes not worth banking due to being cheap. I also deem this worthy of penguin points now due to costs of bones.

Summoning - Again, I train this partly with slayer. I gather charms from the tasks I get or from dust devils I make pouches based on how easy the items are to get as well as how cheap they are to get, and I make sure I can trade pouches in for shards. The 3rd and final thing my penguin points ever go to. Also daily Bork helps.

Magic - Trained via High Level Alchemy, also random spells, I got 55 by casting spells at safespots.

Ranged 40-50 was at ogres at the Combat Training Camp, 50-60 at hellhounds, 60-70 hellhounds/slayer tasks. 70-80 was circus and quests. 80+ mutated bloodvelds and circus and some blue drags. 90+ is Vyrelord/Vyrelady with Blisterwood stake.

Dungeoneering - (Included here as it requires combat and gives a lot of combat rewards) Trained with wikians in party.

Nonmember[edit | edit source]

Runecrafting - Well at the early levels I had made just what I needed (airs or {{mind rune|minds]] and chaos or whatever I needed for spells), when I got passed 44 runecrafting and 55 magic I did nats to alch with, at 54 I did laws only when I was low as I prefer alching for magic xp, when I started doing it for money I had started crafting deaths/bloods depending which sold more (bloods stopped selling after awhile even at minimum so I switched to deaths). Runespan got me the last 6 levels.

Crafting When I had first started I did both goblin diplomacy and sheep sheerer to get some xp, after that I had killed fat lil moo moos tanned hides and got xp from there. Once I got member though I started spinning flax for xp, or killing dragons for hides to craft. Oh and B-staves pwn too.

Mining Mining I work on through mining iron, gems, or random ore depending on what I need or if I just want xp. 85+ at living rock caverns (it wasn't around at 77-85)

Smithing Smithing has been trained with mining using different things at low levels at higher I mined mith/iron and coal and smithed plates for awhile than moved on to cannonballs for xp. Gold ores with gauntlets are nice.

Fishing For the most part I had gotten fishing up from shrimp/anchovies from 1-20, fly-fishing 20-40, lobs 40-62 and monk fish 62+ though there's been random fishing in between levels. Not looking forward to last few levels.

Cooking - Per above, though the last few levels I had bought monk fish to train with.

Woodcutting - Wood cutting I had used to get get the stuff for fletching early on, not sure exact level I stopped doing that at, usually the highest level bow I could make I'd cut trees for except magic due to taking a long time. After I stopped I chopped willows for xp. Did Teak for the few levels as I hated how busy ivy was and how much attention Sawmill needed.

Firemaking - Usually trained with willow logs up until 70 after that Maple logs, Jadinko lair after it came out.

Members[edit | edit source]

Agility - 1-30 at the Gnome course, 30-52 at the Agility Pyramid, as I was too worried about dying in the Brimhaven Agility Arena for some reason, 52-80 was at Ape Atoll Agility Course, at which time I went to Gnome Stronghold agility course to use the advanced course there.

Herblore Herblore's been a tie in with farming for me, I train it by growing the herbs, though I use any drops that I find worth using. I did mostly brews (to sell and buy more supplies) and some extremes to use.

Theiving I had pick pocketed men for starters until I could do tea stall than did that until ham members, did them until Death to the Dorgeshuun, after which it all ham guards in the back storage room until master farmers. At around 60 thief I got bored of picking their pockets and went to Pyramid Plunder for xp ever since I either use that for xp or just randomly pickpocket NPCs or use ardounge castle shark chest for loot.

Fletch I had trained this at first by getting my own logs for alot of earlier levels, after awhile that became boring and I began buying the supplies and alching the bows, alot of my magic xp comes from fletch.

Farming I do willows and herbs for xp, not much else to add there aside from I make my own super compost.

Construction I usually do oak stuff for it using stealing creation hammers.

Hunter - Hunter I trained with various different things at lower levels, I can't recall what since people kept telling me different stuff was good for xp. After 53 I started doing normal chinchompas until 80 than I did red ones. Now I usually do butterflies and Jadinkos.

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