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This is me. I am amazing.

In RS[edit | edit source]

IRL[edit | edit source]

  • I like cats.
  • My favorite TV series is My name is Earl, I was very upset when they canceled it Frown
  • I lived in Japan for awhile, don't ask me to teach you any Japanese however I had trouble just speaking it let not to mention how I have no clue on how to spell it!

On wiki[edit | edit source]

Myth busting[edit | edit source]

MythBusting is something I've done for the wiki via rs forums. It's win/win for the wiki really, either Jmods confirm it true and we can try to get more info on it or it's confirmed false and we remove all false info on it.


"Tiana" was apparently an NPC who wore a Farming cape, teleported with what looked like the farm teleport from Ardougne cloak 3, picked stuff of patches stated something like "this would go well in my garden".

Result: Busted.

Monkey Skull+greegree

Apparently the monkey skull can be obtained from the Zombie impling and turns you into a blue gorilla, I'm trying to confirm that on forums[1] since the only proof I've seen belongs to one person who could have falsified the evidence, since a JMod has yet to confirm it. Normally I'd assume good faith on it but quite frankly it looks like someone painted the face of the gorilla [2], not to mention the fact that other fan sites I've checked (RuneHQ, Zybez, and Sal's) have no info at all about the new greegrees and per Tiana players on forums and such have made up stuff before.

Result: proven

Other games[edit | edit source]

For other games I play.

Non-computer[edit | edit source]

  • I own a Sega genesis with mostly sonic the hedgehog games for it.
  • I also own a SNES and NES inlcuding the game Earthbound (or Mother 2) <3.
  • I own an N64 (not as old school but still) with pokemon stadium 1 and 2, super mario 64, zelda (ocarina of time and majora's mask) golden eye, mortal kombat 4?, banjo kazooie/tooie and many other games I can't think of at the moment.
  • GBC/GBA with every pokemon game up to and including generation 3, zelda: minish cap and oracle of ages, golden sun 1 and 2, final fantasy dawn of souls, tactics and 4 a few other games.
  • DS with pokemon diamond, scriblenaughts, pokemon trozei, hmm can't think of any more...
  • PS1 with final fantasy origins, 7-9, legend of dragoon, threads of fate, again others.
  • PS2 with musashi samurai legend, naruto uzumaki chronicles, the sims 2, thrillville off the rails, again there is more.
  • XBox 360 with a few games

Computer[edit | edit source]

  • Inb4 rs.
  • Formally WoW - Delicious blasphemy against RS, along with the games it's based on (IE warcraft).
  • Diablo 2-3
  • Dungeon Siege 1-2
  • Second Life
  • A few Elder Scrolls games for PC
  • Age of Empires
  • Kingdom of loathing - rarely get on but I do play.
  • Funorb - when very very bored.