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6k5wohv.jpg Hmm...can't for the life of me figure out how to do an intro for this...uh..Hi Brah!


9JQZrxp.jpg my cat gave me the gift of bat

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Inactivity[edit | edit source]

Due to declining interest in the game I'm struggling to do anything more than dailies anymore. You'll still see me but if I'm not doing a daily I'll be in lobby/afk.

Stats[edit | edit source]

For my Adventurer's log click here.

Farming master cape best cape.

Favorites[edit | edit source]

I stole this idea from Gaz Lol.

My favorite... is... because...
  • Best skill.
  • Used in lots of different ways, like combat, teleporting, and such.
  • A lot of familiars are ownage.
  • I have a huge number of duel rings and it's a 1 click bank. Need I say more?
Summoning familiar
  • Farming is best skill.
  • I have many pouches of these and use them alot for the extra inventory.
  • I like being on lunars unless I have to be off and it allows me to stay on for weaker things.
  • The best written quest IMHO, story was actually good.
  • Another great quest.
  • Prif master race.
  • Hazelmere=FTW.
  • Very skilled, if very terrified, person.
  • He is a boss, he says noone can jump a chasm then tries anyway as not even he tells him how to live his life.

Awesome users[edit | edit source]

Below contains a list of nice/helpful users I know on the wiki, I will update this once in awhile. If I forget someone I am sorry.

Massive noobs[edit | edit source]

  • Mol - He called me a dick once in my head. What a douche.