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Things to talk about so far:

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This is a guide intended for new players, returning players should refer to the Returning player guide which has a list of all updates for a certain year.

This guide is divided into three major sections: the first is a commentary and tips on Jagex's tutorial and the Burthope paths; the second is an overview explaining the complex interface of Runescape and some recommendations on beginner-friendly settings, along with core gameplay mechanics crucial to understanding how Runescape works; the third is a big picture overview which explains what to do after the tutorial is over and gives a big-picture overview of what is available in the world of Runescape.

Before playing[edit | edit source]

(User:NYX_TRYX/NPG/Getting_Started for the first two points)

  1. Installation -NXT client
  2. Graphics settings
  3. Character creation User:NYX TRYX/NPG/Account Creation
  4. Security - 2FA and bank pin User:NYX TRYX/NPG/Account Security (doesn't cover banking yet)

The Tutorial[edit | edit source]

  1. Just link to tutorial island for that section
  2. Fill in holes that Burthope paths don't explain well (in no particular order, reorg later, from User:NYX TRYX/NPG/Points Missed in the Tutorial)
    1. Toolbelt User:NYX_TRYX/NPG/Toolbelt
    2. Metal bank
    3. Concept of weapon/armour tiers
    4. Lodestones
    5. GE
    6. Rules
    7. FCs and CCs
    8. Coin pouch

Combat[edit | edit source]

Runescape has 3 combat styles, Melee, Ranged, and Magic, and uses an ability rotation combat system similar to many other MMOs. Every time an ability is triggered it will start a global cooldown of 1.8 seconds, after which another ability can be used. Some abilities are channeled, which means that they are not instant and take some time for the ability to finish casting. Depending on the ability, cancelling the ability mid-cast will either completely cancel the damage or only dead part of the damage. Most channeled abilities last longer than the global cooldown, so care should be taken to not accidentally cancel abilities when not desired.

Combat styles[edit | edit source]

In Runescape, all three combat styles are equally viable, and you do not need to choose between them. Training one does not prevent you from training the others, so most players choose to train all three. In general,

  1. Melee has the highest damage output of all three, but cannot attack at distance, thus wasting time running back and forth. It also has a harder dodging boss' special attacks for this reason. Melee is strong against ranged and weak against magic. Its weapons and armour are obtained via the Mining and Smithing skills.
  2. Ranged has cheaper high-end gear and thus is widely used in PvP. It is strong against magic and weak against melee. Use Woodcutting, Fletching, and Crafting to obtain its weapons and armour.
  3. Magic is the most versatile with buffs, debuffs, and other miscellaneous spells useable outside combat. It is strong against melee and weak against ranged. Use Crafting and Runecrafting to create its weapons and armour.

In general, you can smith Melee weapons and armour all the way up to the end-game, even if gear obtained via smithing is weaker than their equivalents obtained from slaying monsters. This is not true for ranged and magic where gear cannot be crafted beyond level 50 and must instead be obtained by killing monsters and bosses.

Revolution[edit | edit source]

Instead of casting each ability manually, you can set up revolution to do so for you. You should use Revolution to automatically cast abilities for you unless you are experienced in the combat system and wish to control your ability rotation. Choose a bar from Revolution/Bars and use that as your rotation. This is extremely important and will drastically effect your DPS.

  • Cleave.png
  • Dismember.png
  • Sever.png
  • Smash.png
  • Slice.png
  • Fury.png

Revolution uses abilities from your Action bars. To copy one of the bars from Revolution/Bars, simply

  1. Find the ability in your abilities book (fourth option on the ribbon, hover over appropriate combat style)
  2. Drag the ability to the appropriate slot on your action bar.

Remember to do this for all 3 combat styles, setting up a preset for Melee, Ranged, and Magic. You can have up to 9 presets, and can switch presets by clicking on the arrows to the left of your HP bar. The number between the arrows is the currently used preset.

In order to make switching between combat styles easier, you can also "bind" each combat style to a specific preset in the Settings#Action Bar Binding. To do so:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Combat & Action Bar > Action Bar Binding
  2. Set up Action Bar Binding Setup 1
    1. Weapon style: Melee 2H or dual-wield (depending on which you are using)
    2. Action bar: Primary bar (this chooses which action bar to switch)
    3. Action bar preset: the preset you set up for melee abilities
  3. Set up Action Bar Binding Setup 2/3, changing weapon style and action bar preset accordingly

Death[edit | edit source]

Every time your health reaches 0 (with some exceptions), you will die and get teleported to Death's office. Upon death, you will lose all equipped items and all items in your inventory. To get your items back, you can:

  1. Pay Death's fee to reclaim your items, or
  2. Run back to where you died and reclaim items from your grave (sometimes graves may spawn outside the area you died. This is risky because if you die whilst trying to reclaim your items from your grave you will permanently lose those items. Reclaiming degradable items this way also will cause them to degrade by 10%.

It is thus a trade-off between paying death's fee and risking the items for a chance of free reclamation.

General Strategy and Tips[edit | edit source]

The strategy to defeating most enemies is simple: hit them until they die and don't die. To do so:

  1. Don't keep moving around when in combat, revolution only triggers abilities when you are standing still. There is no reason to move unless to avoid a special mechanic which most enemies don't have.
  2. Eat food to heal. Don't be scared about eating, you can eat as often as you want, the only penalty is the loss of 10% adrenaline.
  3. Find out your enemies' weakness on the wiki and use that combat style
  4. Do not wear multiple styles of armour simultaneously, this causes a big accuracy debuff

Interface and Settings[edit | edit source]

  1. Links to Settings, Graphics settings, and Interface
  2. Overview of where to find everything and what they're used for
    1. Sheathe / unsheathe weapons
    2. Regenerate
    3. Auto-retaliate
  3. Action bars, and having more than 1
  4. Locking the interface
  5. Price checker
  6. Stuff kept on death
  7. Equipment stats

Common scams[edit | edit source]

  1. Wildy is dangerous, don't get lured there
  2. 1-trade everything
  3. GE price may be inaccurate

What's next?[edit | edit source]

General goals to work towards:

  1. Prif