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Hi everyone! My name is Elf master. My RuneScape character is Wrench292 and my favourite skill is Hunter. I'm mainly into quests. My all time goal(s) is to get:

99 Hunter 99 Agility 270 Quest Points Get on the Hiscores for Hunter Get on the Hiscores for Agility- Achieved Get my first 1M Get my first 500k- Achieved

And I'm currently Level 58

Am I a Mod?

Player Mod- nope. Forum Mod (For RuneScape)- nope. Forum Mod (For FunOrb)- nope. Jagex Mod- Of course not, I don't work for Jagex :P

That is all. I will update this page when more of my goals have been achieved and if I ever become a mod. Chow for now!

-Elf master AKA Wrench292