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I'm skilling and killing on RS. Most of the time I can be anywhere to skill and make money. Money Every now and then I go to Godwars.

I have;

  • ~2250 total
  • Quest cape
  • 12 Skill capes

Goal is to get 2300+ total.

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Long ago, when I was just a member, I started to train construction with the money I made from flax and bow strings. Around lvl 40 Construction I redesigned my future house. Now, a few years later, my house became just like I hoped it would! An overview of my House map can be found by clicking here.
Leprechaun 5c.pngCalquat Tree (growth stage 9).png Editing images is one of the things that I like to do for this Wiki. There are still many images on this wiki that were taken before the Graphical Update on RuneScape, and every now and then I replace those with images taken in High detail.

Some of the other things that I put my time in were articles and images for Construction, Skillcapes and several quests.