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Greetings my name is Elementalgem. I have been an active member of the Runescape community since 2005. I have alligned myself with the god of light and pureness, Armadyl. I am head of the clan The Drawn Swords. This clan was founded in 2006 with my friend and co-founder GemOracle. He has since quit the game due to events unseen. In his memory i created a number of accounts known as the Gem line. These accounts include Armadylgem, Guthixgem, Serengem and Oraclegem.

Recent Activity: -

  • I have achieved my first cape the ------- Quest Cape -------- (20th August 2009, 20:13pm GMT)
  • I am training Woodcutting to 99.
  • I am training Firemaking to 99.
  • My new name is Armadyl-Gem