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I am Einfrein

I'm currently F2P, and I barely play Runescape anymore. I login times to times, but not very often.

I'm a great fan of N0valyfe, on YouTube I made a video of his bank pictures from when he started to he quitted.

History of Einfrein[edit | edit source]

I started one day, when my brother begged me to start playing. At that time he and his friends played Runescape, they have currently quit.

At the start I was really a beginner... A real beginner... I trained at Goblins and Men in Draynor for a long time, before I even dared to explore more of Gielinor. Because at that time I didn't even really know how the map worked. My brother showed me the map, but I didn't quite understand. Good that Jagex added the "You are here"-thingy... Well, I do know how the map works now :)

Beginning of Einfrein[edit | edit source]

I started Runescape June 28th 2006. That was a long time ago, and I have very bad skills for been playing for so long. Wait, for how long? No, I haven't played all the time since I started. I've quitted many times for many months.

Membership?[edit | edit source]

I've been member for a total of 5-6 months. All in seperate times. 5-6 months membership of 3 years? 5 months of 3 years is=1/7.2 I've been member once every 7 months, that's often? Not?

During most of the time I was member I spent Fletching. That's why I have 99 Fletching.

My favourite skill though, is Slayer, which is currently 69. Why did I train Fletching before training my favourite skill then? Well, I wanted a level 99 skill :)

Free To Play[edit | edit source]

Most of the time playing Runescape I've been Free To Play. Nothing much to say here... Hey, wait! I made a F2P Money Making Guide at the Forums. Yep, I'm one of those F2Pers who can write in the forums :)

Quick find code: 98-99-362-58830732

Quit?[edit | edit source]

I have currently quit Runescape. I login though weeks to weeks just to check in on friends, see if there are major updates so I won't be too surprised if I would start playing again. I also do Holiday Events. Other than that I've basically quit.

Also, from my start of Runescape by 2006 to 2009, I have quit several times, probably up to a total of 1 year, so don't be too surprised if you would see that my skills are so low! That's also because I'm a F2Per...