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Hello! I hope that all and even Jagex Mods can see this.

I am a f2p player and I'm tired of the present f2p quests, they are too easy. For example p2p, they have much harder quests. The recent f2p quest was Gunnarsgrunn, I did it in 5-15 minutes. And the recent p2p quest is King of the dwarves, much more harder, and takes longer time.

The blood pact quest (f2p), I have to kill three level 3 guys, and in Do no evil (p2p), players have to kill three level 160+ monkeys! That is different. I also want high-level quest (not TOO high, maybe level 60-90?).

Thank you for reading. I hope you also understand this.

//A level 82 soon 83,84,85 f2p player that want to have a harder f2p quest