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The Character[edit | edit source]

Because I had the Leaving Certificate examination, I have not really been on RuneScape for quite a while. Anyway... (BTW I'm gonna talk in the third person, is that what you do?) Edenane is a quiet character, trying to understand the place he has in RuneScape society. He lives in a small wooden shack just north of Rimmington, and can usually be found in world 53 or 54. He can also be found wandering around litrally anywhere, trying to find where he belongs. Due to his untrusting nature, most of his friends and acually people that he only knows in Real Life. BTW, never heard of it.

The "99 Woodcutting Part of Life[edit | edit source]

Once Edenane tried to get to 99 woodcutting. What a foolish man. He convinced himself that he could cut the required amound at Draynor bank, but got very bored during the attempt.

The "Pest Control" Saga[edit | edit source]

Edenane must have been born unlucky. He started playing pest control the very day before the update, and managed to get 27 points. The next day he logged on, I mean woke up, he was unfortuate enough to see the format had changed, and has been fuming since, even at one point joining the Pest Control Riot, but probably the only one not to actually riot by keeping his mouth shut.

Getting everything to 30[edit | edit source]

As Edenane finally found his calling and started making Yew Longbows and High-Alching them, during one of his 7-hour stints woodcutting he finally decided to get everything up to at least level 30. After getting in a bad mood farming, he did the Garden of Tranquillity quest, and somehow got to level 30 Farming. He then discovered Tears of Guthix and used that to get the second last level, Herblore, up to 30, but managed 31. Then, for range, he slaughtered several zombies plaguing the sewers of Varrock. He cheered, then ran home to celebrate with chocolate cake.

LOST[edit | edit source]

After selling his coal that he got from Miscellania on Grand Exchange for over 1 million coins, Edenane is now lost in money, and decided to celebrate his earnings by putting them in Miscellania. Several days later he decided this was a bad idea due to the plummeting prices on grand exchange, and bought all this stuff with the excess money: 5k pure essence, full rune set, obsidian shield, flax, yew logs, loads of herbs and loads of secondary ingredients, loads of water filled vials... etc. Commonly known as junk.

Getting everything to 50[edit | edit source]

As Edenane was progressing through his trials of RuneScape life, he tried many things, trying to make a bit of money. After hours of using the Grand Exchange, a friend told him how to make a serious bomb (and not a literal bomb) using merchanting on the GE. Needless to say, a poor woodcutter finally became rich. In a sence anyway. He could finally afford that dragon hatchet that he was looking for, as well as many other things. One clever use he found was that he could further use the money to train his skills. And so, after a quick chat and game of Tears Of Guthix with Juna, his new best friend, he decided to try and get everything to 50. Perhaps one of the hardest things to do in RuneScape (Apart from almost anything else, like kill daggonoths, or mithril dragons or smthing). He started with the easiest, Hunter. And after trying that, trapping barbed kebbits, got to 50. Then, one of his most hated skills (apart from Farming, which no-one likes), slayer. Which took hours upon hours. Much harder than Monkey Madness. Then thieving, which he prayed on Martin the Master Farmer, to get to 50. Then construction, which was easy. And so was firemaking, needing only one level. Currently Edenane is trying to get his farming, prayer and herblore up to the glorius mark, 50.

One note about Summoning though. I do, really, really, think that it's kinda rubbish. Way slow exp, slowdown trying to do anything (lag) and being almost impossible to get a raw chicken are some of the finer points of this new skill. They spent loads of time at it, yeah. But, it should have been f2p as well, and not as complicated to use. Whats the story with the shards? From my experience, you actually have no choice but to buy them at 50 ea! And they moved the logout screen too. Edenane is happy petting his spirit wolf though, and asking his dreadfowl chicken the best way to grow corn. Mind you, it hasn't said anything back yet.

Getting everything to 50, again[edit | edit source]

So, after everything, Edenane had his reasons to leave for a while. But the wind rushing through the yew trees called him back to his old pastime west of Catherby, Woodcutting. After several thousand logs, and wiping the splinters and sweat off his forehead, he noticed that the Mysterious old man hadn't visited him as much as usual. He then went on to fletch all those logs into yew longbows, purchasing the strings off an odd man near the Grand Exchange, and completed this task. Once again, he noticed the lack of random events. However, this did not hold his interest, and decided to try this war thingy he heard about, Mobilising armies. He lost many games, then got bored. Quick. He just didn't think that real time strategy suited him... After this, Edenane finally got everything to at least 50. Which was great, because he didn't even go near Summoning since level 16!

Edenane's take on RWT[edit | edit source]

For several years now, Edenane has wondered why there are loads of people in green shirts, as bald as he was (before he got a haircut and became a priest). He also wondered why these mysterious people never responded to him talking. However, the gods at JaGeX came down, and told him what was really going on in the world. There were evil people that wanted to make money in the real world. He learned. Several months later, he found the Grand Exchange. In his opinion it was a marvel, great for buying (not selling anyway), and made the quests that he wanted to do much easier. About two weeks after this, JaGeX decided to go crazy, and: Made the Wilderness not as dangerous (The relevent ghosts are no substitution for real PKers); Said that in a few weeks, you had to have balanced trades (within a 3k limit!); Noone else could pickup drops by foolish people that killed themselves stupidly (I really think that this one should have been thought out better); More bank space (for everyone, a good thing!); The famous "skulled" only now applies to the abyss (another crazy thing); "What?" said Edenane. "That's great! Now I won't have to be PKed ANY MORE!".

(Unfortunately, for people in the real world, this is a big deal. A lot of people made all their money in the wilderness, which is now impossible. And with duelling, trading, dying and PKing all under a 3k coin limit,(more or less) I know a lot of players are actually leaving due to this update. It's kinda bad. All the pures, everything, is now ruined. The Bounty Hunter thing is rubbish, the clan wars is more or less like Castle wars, and you can't make a profit from someones mistakes anymore. Would JaGeX rather see equipment dissappearing than going to the closest person? Is PKing dead now? And finally, will there be anyone left for Summoning? This update has reprecussions and I'm not sure if JaGeX has used enough Games Theory to see if this will work out for themselves. I feel, in my own opinion that this is the final nail in the coffin for a lot of PKers, who will use this to migrate to other MMO's such as World of Warcraft or any of them. JaGeX, tread carefully in the next few weeks.)

And so, Edenane is happy, (although he won't listen to anyone, it's the real world for him), and he can now wander randomly through the Wilderness without being killed. Again.

(Although this update is meant to tackle real world traders, and I am very sure that it will, it will unfortunately trigger a mass migration away from RuneScape. I think anyway, I could be proved wrong.)

Total level: 1514
Attack 70 Constitution 69 Mining 69
Strength 70 Agility 63 Smithing 65
Defence 65 Herblore 50 Fishing 67
Ranged 63 Thieving 54 Cooking 69
Prayer 53 Crafting 62 Firemaking 53
Magic 75 Fletching 85 Woodcutting 86
Runecrafting 57 Slayer 58 Farming 54
Construction 54 Hunter 53 Summoning 50
Dungeoneering ---- Divination ---- Invention ----
Archaeology ---- Attack style icon fixed.png 91 Quest.png About 250
Music icon.png Over 500!!! Task icon.png ---- RuneScore.png ----