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The goal here is to quantify the value of the scavenging 3 perk on grinding spiritual warriors in the player-owned dungeon. We'll assume that it's on a level 20 piece of equipment.

The two devices that we are primarily concerned with making from our components are equipment siphons and augmentors.

Material Rates[edit | edit source]

The scavenging 3 perk gives 981 uncommon components on average per 10,000 kills on a level 20 piece of equipment. There are 22 uncommon components, so this averages to 44.59 of each uncommon component per 10,000 kills.

We'll assume that your number of kills per hour is K. In this case, the number of each uncommon component that you will earn on average is 0.004459K.

Equipment Siphon[edit | edit source]

  • 50 simple parts
  • 5 dextrous parts
  • 5 precious parts

The simple parts must be purchased. Maple logs are fine for this. You need to use about 85 maple logs to get 50 simple parts in an auto dissembler mk II. Maple logs typically cost about 110 gp making the total simple parts cost per siphon 9,350 gp. If siphons typically go for about 230,000 gp, then this brings us down to the ballpark of 220,000 gp profit.

Augmentors[edit | edit source]

  • Divine energy
  • 45 base parts
  • 45 flexible parts
  • 45 tensile parts
  • 8 enhancing components
  • 7 powerful components

The divine energy will usually cost about 50k. The base parts and flexible parts should already be owned and will not be included in cost calculations.

Tensile parts will be assumed to be taken from auto alch mk II since you'll be making tensile parts for springs to use with the subtle parts you grind anyway. The cost per component is typically a little less than 500 gp, but we'll call it 500 gp ea for the sake of round numbers; this is a cost of 22,500 gp per augmentor.

The earnings we get per hour from siphons is 0.004459K/5 * 220000 or about 196K. At 850 kph, this will add about 166.6k to our hourly.

We also need one extra enhancing component per augmentor. These can sometimes be hard to get cheaply, so we'll call them a cost of 20k each.

Augmentors sell for about 550k. If we subtract the total cost of 50k for divine energy, 22.5k for tensile parts and 20k for the enhancing component, that's a profit of 457.5k each.

The earnings we get per hour from augmentors are about 0.004459K/7 * 457500 or about 291K.

Total Profit[edit | edit source]

The total profit increase is about 487 per kill. At 850 kills/hour, that's an increase of about 414k/hour.