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This is just a reference for myself to quantify the average earnings from having the scavenging 3 perk.

You'll average 981 uncommon materials per 10,000 kills, which comes to 9.81 per 100 kills. There are also 22 types of uncommon materials. As a result, you'll average 0.446 of each type of material per 100 kills.

There are two devices you can use to go straight to cash: equipment siphons and augmentors.

Equipment siphons cost 219,817 on the GE, and augmentors cost 334,285.

You need 5 dextrous and 5 precious to make a siphon, and that works out to 0.089 siphons per 100 kills, which is worth 19,563.71 per 100 kills.

You need 8 enhancing, 7 powerful and 45 tensile for an augmentor. We'll say you're getting tensile materials for 500 each for a cost of 22,500, and we'll say you'll get an enhancing for 7,500. After those costs, you'll get 304,285 for earning 7 enhancing and 7 powerful.

You need 7 enhancing and 7 powerful to make an augmentor, and that works out to 0.063 * 304,285 per 100 kills (do that calculation on your own).