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I've created this page to offer a F2P starter path to getting a bond (cost of 27,162,535) from a new account via smelting bars so that I can just link people instead of typing something out over and over. This will tend to be a good fit for players who prefer options that are more on the afk side.

Phase 1: Starting Out[edit | edit source]

In this phase, we'll kick our smithing level up a bit very quickly and do a very small amount of mining as a pre-requisite for a short quest.

Do the following steps in this order, assuming a completely new account:

  1. Walk to the potato field in Lumbridge. It's just north of the cow pasture. Collect 28 raw potatoes.
  2. Walk to the Varrock lodestone to activate it.
  3. Walk to the Grand Exchange. Do the tutorial so that you can use the GE and sell your potatoes (28 for 27,300).
  4. Purchase a bronze ore box on the GE (cost of 1,900).
  5. Teleport to the Varrock lodestone, and walk east to the southeast Varrock mine. Mine copper and/or tin until you reach level 10 mining.
  6. Return to the GE. Purchase an iron pickaxe (cost of 5,445), a redberry pie (cost of 2,802), 10 lobsters (cost of 6,340) and two iron bars (total cost of 2,698).
  7. Walk west to the Falador lodestone to activate it.
  8. Walk south to Falador castle and complete The Knight's Sword quest. When mining blurite during the quest, use the lobsters to heal from being attacked to make the quest a lot easier.
  9. Make sure to activate the Port Sarim lodestone the first time you walk there to save time.
  10. Once you finish this quest, you'll be level 28 smithing, and you'll be able to smelt steel bars with all of the smelting upgrades (profit of 1,020,000/hour).

This entire process for these ten steps shouldn't take more than 45-50 minutes or so on a new account.

Phase 2: Steel Bar Smelting[edit | edit source]

In this phase, we'll get started smelting steel bars. This does two things:

  • We get closer to our goal of having enough gold for a bond.
  • We increase our smithing levels, which opens up opportunities for increasing our hourly.

Assuming you're a new F2P account coming off of the steps in Phase 1, do the following:

  1. Teleport back to Lumbridge. Pick potatoes in the same potato field as before (27,300 per trip, about 3-4 minutes per round trip) until you have total GP of 399,500.
  2. Go the Grand Exchange. Purchase 500 iron and 500 coal.
  3. Teleport back to Falador and walk to the Artisans Workshop. Use the furnace to turn your 500 iron and 500 coal into steel bars. This will take about 15 minutes at a rate of 2,000 bars/hour.
  4. Go to the Grand Exchange. Sell your steel bars, and buy iron and coal for another round of smelting.
  5. After a couple of trips, you'll have enough GP that you can buy enough iron and coal to smelt for over an hour at a time. Fewer trips to the GP means a better overall hourly.

Note: Depending on the price of iron ore and coal, and depending on whether they're buying near their GE price, it may be a faster option to simply mine the iron yourself for your first batch. You'll already have the mining level required at this point.

Here are a couple of things players might want to know for reference:

  • The cost of supplies for one steel bar is 799, and you'll average a profit of 510 per set of iron/coal you smelt, including the 10 percent chance of creating an extra bar.
  • If you're constantly smelting, then you'll get 2,000 smelts/hour, but you can probably expect closer to 1,900 smelts/hour or so due to clicking, inefficiency, lag, etc.

Phase 3: Opening Up Mithril, Gold, Adamant and Rune Bars[edit | edit source]

Again, the following assumes you've been using a new F2P account to follow the above instructions from Phase 1 and Phase 2.

As you put time into smelting steel bars, you'll gain smithing experience that can open up other bars. Depending on GE prices, they can be more profitable options to increase your hourly.

It'll take about three hours of smelting steel bars to get to level 38 for mithril, and it's not far after that to get level 40 for gold, so you'll have at least three options to pick from within about five hours or so of starting your account.

The level requirements here are set to when you have earned all of the perks for smelting that specific type of bar. Smelting these bars before being given these perks will drop your hourly profit substantially.

Smelting F2P Bars
Bar Level Req. Hourly Profit
Steel 27 1,020,000
Mithril 38 680,600
Gold 40 790,400
Adamant 48 1,168,800
Rune 57 1,161,600

Note: Gold smelts at 1,600/hour with no speed or chances for extra bars. All of this is compensated for in the above figures. However, gold cannot use the metal bank in F2P with a new account (it requires a P2P quest), so you'll have to run back and forth from a bank chest, which will lower your bars/hour. The closest is the Combat Academy in Lumbridge.

Depending on the hourly of each bar, it may be worth it to put some time into dedicated smithing training in the Artisans Workshop to get your levels up so that you can start smelting a new bar.