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This page is currently under construction.
The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete.

This is still work in progress, but I'm making a page where I will thoroughly review all RuneScape updates, in-game and to the website, being as unbias as I possibly can. I hope that wiki members will somehow find this and the talk page will be home to a large discussion... I don't think that will happen though. =(

If the 'Under Construction' tag is only for mainspace pages, then please tell me and I will remove it!

The Update

The description as it is on the RuneScape website, so you don't need another browser open.

My Review

A review of the update, trying to be unbias.

The Pros

What's good about the update (hopefully bigger than the next box).

The Cons

What's not-so-good about the update (not mindless spam).

Notable Comments on the Talk Page

Does what it says on the tin.