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Codys Cult[edit | edit source]

Codys Cult is currently the largest Cult in RuneScape, that lives under hundreds of years of jewish tradition, run by the RuneScape Member GodCody who is Level 138 and commonly seen on World 76. The Cult consists of hundreds upon hundreds of members, filling several Clan Chats (or Cult Chats as GodCody refers to them as) and the members levels range from level 3 to level 138.

Requirements for Codys Cult[edit | edit source]

The only requirement for Codys Cult is the standard look seen in the propaganda poster above. Thats the requirement whether you are male or female, but you must also pledge complete and holy allegiance to GodCody, the leader, himself. Because of the low requirements, anyone can join which makes Codys Cult the largest Cult in RuneScape.

The leader himself, GodCody[edit | edit source]

GodCody is a level 138 avid RuneScape player and member. His activites mainly consist of skilling as he is currently going for the Max Cape. GodCodys personality is mainly described as narcissistic, manipulative, decieving, and impulsive. By all non-cult members, he is commonly reffered to as an *******. By his Cult members he is commonly reffered to as "The holy saviour and god of all, the one we must obey." which is a line in the allegiance they msut pledge to GodCody in their intiation.

The Pledge[edit | edit source]

One of the requirements for Codys Cult is to make a pledge to him. The pledge goes as follow "OH mighty GodCody, the master of RuneScape, my master, I pledge my humble life to you. You are my master, i shall follow you without questioning you, I am your slave, do what you will with me". The pledge was designed and copyrighted by GodCody in early 2011. The pledge itself has been questioned by non-members because of the fact it could have a subtle ****** meaning, so there has been controversy around it, but GodCody has ignored any claims and kept the pledge.

The Intiation[edit | edit source]

The intiation into Codys Cult is a strange one. The first step is shaving your head, so you may have a uniform appearence like every other male and female member. Once you shave your head, the entire cult leads you to Ice Mountain where you must sit, camp, and survive until you are as pale as the rest of the cult. After both of these steps you must go into a private sound proof room with GodCody. No one outside of the cult knows what goes on inside that room, and everyone within the cult has sworn not to talk about it. There has been speculation and rumors but GodCody has not denied or confirmed any of them.

About the Cult[edit | edit source]

Codys Cult was formed by GodCody in early 2011 after he had a fallout with his friends and ragequit Skype. GodCody is currently in the clan "Chill Mates" on the side to be discreet about his cult, but he is also in Chill Mates for insider information on them. The main purpose of Codys Cult is to spam and destory the Chill Mates clanchat, he usually has attacks carried out on Chill Mates by his top two cultists, Zylan and DB4L DB Inc. Codys Cult is still going strong and recruiting every day.

Godcody Start in RuneScape[edit | edit source]

After being fired from Victoria Secret for trying on their products, Godcody annexed himself to Google in which he had found RuneScape and quickly no-lifed his way to 138 by his consumption of massive amounts of Hot Cheetos and other forms of greasy junk. During this rush in time Godcody had received 12 heart attacks, 3 strokes, and large amounts of pimples. These medical conditions didn’t stop him but instead encouraged him to be the biggest self center lying narb ever. After being epicly whipped by a girl in the duel arena, Godcody decided to create a cult that could save him from anymore beatings from women ever again.