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This is the story of my rise in Runescape. It will detail how I made my money and my skills.

In The Beginning[edit | edit source]

In the beginning I was a n00blet. Well, we all were at some point. My cousin had first introduced me to Runescape 2 in Summer of 2005. I had no clue what I wanted to do in Runescape. My most prized posession at the time was the l33t bronze dagger I got off tutorial Island. And all my other junk too. As there was no bank in Lumbridge at the time, I had no clue where to put all of my junk. There were no tutors back then either, so I couldn't get it back after dying. But... I have climbed to great heights despite Lumby's (former) lack of N00b catering.

My first quest[edit | edit source]

The Rune Mysteries quest was my first completed quest, and took me an hour of running away from Darkwizards and muggers. (Deadly to a level 3) I was in an unfortunate sit-chee-a-tion because I didn't know where anything was, and the fact that the stone circle south of Varrock is a slaughterhouse for n00bs doo to the darkwizards. But, I completed the quest at level three never the less. And, I found Varrock's bank, so I deposited my tutorial island treasures. (well, at the time they were treasures to me)

My first 30k[edit | edit source]

Ah, yes. I remember the excitement and the thrillingness of getting my first 1k. How did I get this, you may ask? Rune essence! Remember at the time there was only one type of rune essence. They were worth 30-40gp each. So I mined 1k of them and got 30k! I was so excited that I almost had a heart attack. I bought myself full bronze and stashed the rest of the money away, because I had no clue what the heck to spend it on.

Iron Armour! Yaaaay![edit | edit source]

This is the point where I got my first full iron set. A nice player named Seshomaru302 gave me a full set of iron armour. I figured that now I could train up my combat level. I trained it to about 20 or so before I started PKing n00bs in the wildy. (I no longer regularly PK) After I got bored PKing, I became a member.

Membership[edit | edit source]

I payed for a membership using a Credit card, which was to be billed monthly. I logged into a member world ready to go. The first member thing I did was craft a plant pot out of clay in Barbarian village. Then I KNEW I was a member! (As if logging onto the member world wasn't comfirmation enough, lol) At this point I had some modest stats. I can't remember them all. I decided to train member stats. I trained thieving on the men in Port Sarim, and then on the tea stall in Varrock. I trained fletching by makeing arrow shafts.

Scammed[edit | edit source]

Ok let me tell you about the time I got scammed. I was wearing my iron armour in Falador, having just PKed a few n00bs. Then, this one dude came up to me and said "Hey wanna go hiking" I said "Sure" He said "follo" so I did. We walked up to this area which I now know is Burthorpe. I kept following the mystery man to the North until he lead me into a crevice, and all of a sudden I'm being hit for fives! I look up and to my horror see thrower trolls! I instantly die, loosing everyting I had on me because I was skulled.

Boy o boy I need a drink and a smoke too, I'll be right back to continue the story

Mage Training[edit | edit source]

Mmmmm. Menthol... Oh, you're back! Well, anyay, after teh scammz0r got away with my stuff, I had no armour or weapons left, and thus no way to train combat. I decided to runecraft some runes, get me some wizzy robes, and bcome a mage. I trained my mage up by casting curse on the cows Northeast of Lumbridge from behind the fence in the Al-Kharid desert. That way they couldn't attack me back. I cannot even describe to you how many "lol"s and "look at that mage nub"s and "Hey you stole my cow"s I recieved for doing this. But this method was successful for me all the way up until level 25. At this time I had a few law runes from killing dark wizards, so I used them whenever I needed to teleport to Varrock. (The only telly avalible to a level 25 mage)

I Become a Skiller[edit | edit source]

THE STORY FROM THIS POINT ON IS NOT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER Ok, So I decided to focus my energy on being a skiller so I could have plenty of money. The following are things I did while skilling up my stats to where they are today. Bear in mind that I cannot even remember most of the stuff I did to train my skills, but I will try my best.

Woodcutting Training[edit | edit source]

I trained up woodcutting on Willows in Draynor, and I sold about 300 for 35gp each until I saved up for a rune axe. After getting my Rune Axe I cut willows until 60, and then went to yews. I went from 60 to 75 by cutting 1-3 thousand yew logs.