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This table will show you what to cook and roughly how many in order to get to 99 the fastest, while still cost efficient way. At the very low levels, it's best to ignore cost and just try to get higher. This is because the price of burning the food is very, very small. Collecting the food yourself (for low level training) is also a good method, costing you nothing.


  • Except when the Lumbridge range is specified, I suggest using the fire in the Rogue's Den. You can't get any closer to a bank than that.
  • If I do expect you to burn the food, I'll only put the min. amount you'd have to cook. This means the probability of needing to cook more food is high.
  • Using the Lumbridge range is beneficial at almost all times, if you don't mind the extra time, use it. If you are cooking above level 67 and I don't have it specified for that level range, don't use it.
  • Lumbridge range does not help with sharks. It will still take until level 94 for them to never burn with gauntlets.

Food: food you should cook.
Cooking level: the level at which I recommend cooking it.
Quantity: roughly (or exactly) how many you need to cook to go onto the next food.
Burn: if you will burn any or not.

Food Cooking level Quantity Burn? Notes
Sardine 1-5 10 Yes This is from 0 experience, it may be less if you've cooked already.
Herring 5-10 16 Yes
Mackerel 10-15 21 Yes
Trout 15-20 29 Yes
Pike 20-25 42 Yes Lumbridge range recommend.
Salmon 25-30 62 Yes Lumbridge range recommend.
Tuna 30-64 3936 Yes Lumbridge range strongly recommended.
Lobster 64-68 1651 No Lumbridge range and cooking gauntlets required.
Lobster 68-76 6095 No Cooking gauntlets required (up to 74).
Swordfish 76-81 6117 No Lumbridge range and cooking gauntlets required.
Swordfish 81-88 15664 No Cooking gauntlets required (up to 86).
Monkfish 88-90 6403 No Lumbridge range and cooking gauntlets required.
Sharks 90-94 12373 Yes* Cooking gauntlets required.
Sharks 94-99 24237 No Cooking gauntlets required.

* You will still burn some, but the experience gained versus gold lost makes it well worth it.

Cost: If you are buying the fish, it will cost at least 5 million gold. If you are already aware of this and want to level faster, start higher level fish a few levels early. You'll burn some, but you will be gaining experience much faster. I started swords at 71, monks at 85, and sharks at 89. Although, I don't recommend starting sharks early unless you really have gold to burn.