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Pee Vee Emm
This section will include as many PvM Setups as I could
Keep in mind that setups may not be optimum, as I only have them here for my own convenience, rather than to give the most optimum pvm setup for the specific boss
This is due to the fact that I have multiple gear for each combat style, such as both torva and malevolents, or tectonics, virtus, and anima of seren. Each have their own use, and all of which are personally opinionated.
Tectonic armour equipped.pngVirtus armour equipped (male).pngMalevolent armour equipped (male).pngTorva armour equipped (male).png
Just a little background story: Each time I have a preset for a specific boss, and I want to override that preset with another, I'd take a screeny of it and "save" it on puush, only to realise that finding that preset screeny is like finding a needle is a stack of hay... This is my attempt to fix this problem.
*DISCLAIMER:* Whatever difficulty tier a boss is defined to in this section is entirely biased upon my personal and selfish PoV of the difficulty of said definee as thus-mentioned. For high tiered PvM, I've included all of the bosses that drop t90 gear, regardless of how easy it is.
Most importantly, my accessory perks weapons (as of the making of this intro) are:
Weapon Perk
Augmented off-hand drygore mace.png Off-hand drygore mace Flanking.png Flanking 3
Augmented off-hand drygore rapier.png Off-hand drygore rapier Lunging.png Lunging 3
Augmented seismic singularity.png Seismic singularity Flanking.png Flanking 3
Augmented elite seasinger makigai.png Elite seasinger magikai Lunging.png Lunging 3
Augmented staff of limitless air.png Staff of limitless air Caroming.png Caroming 3
Last of all. Please note that my invention perk setups, should I end up displaying them, may be completely ridiculous, and again I say, they make sense to me, probably not to you c: