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The setups page is structured heavily on tabs. In order to reach whichever setup you need, you will need to go there manually by going through a directory of tabs.
Additionally, because this page will be made with contributions from friends, and because different setups for an activity may serve different purposes, some activities will contain multiple setups. Also note that augmented items will not be included unless certain perks have an impact on that specific activity. E.g. Dragon Slayer (perk) while fighting the Queen Black Dragon
Setups would normally look like this:

Activity name[edit | edit source]

Aura slot.png
Head slot.png
Pocket slot.png
Back slot.png
Neck slot.png
Ammo slot.png
Main hand slot.png
Torso slot.png
Off-hand slot.png
Legs slot.png
Gloves slot.png
Feet slot.png
Ring slot.png


Notes specific to the mentioned activity will be written here. This is to explain certain aspects or to engage the reader to certain notice points that should be acknowledged such as the usage of auras or familiars.