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Prices of raw stuff
Item GEPrice
Onyx.png Onyx 3,451,829
Uncut onyx.png Uncut onyx 3,420,996
Incomplete hydrix.png Incomplete hydrix 62,899,439
Uncut hydrix.png Uncut hydrix 66,244,595
Hydrix.png Hydrix 66,645,609
Prices of NON ENCHANTED jewelry
Item GEPrice
Hydrix amulet (unstrung).png Hydrix amulet (unstrung) 20,266,684
Hydrix necklace.png Hydrix necklace 39,773,469
Hydrix ring.png Hydrix ring 44,765,712
Hydrix bracelet.png Hydrix bracelet 30,007,055
Prices of ENCHANTED jewelry
Item GEPrice
Amulet of souls.png Amulet of souls 66,704,601
Ring of death.png Ring of death 66,489,189
Deathtouch bracelet.png Deathtouch bracelet 67,998,893
Reaper necklace.png Reaper necklace 66,472,965
Bolts analysis things
Item GEPrice
Hydrix bolt tips 5.png 36x Hydrix bolt tips 1,496,016
Ascendri bolts 4.png 36x Ascendri bolts 970,272
Ascendri bolts (e) 4.png 36x Ascendri bolts (e) 1,502,532

Alchemical stuff
Item GEPrice
Alchemical onyx.png Alchemical onyx 75,809,167
Alchemical onyx necklace.png Alchemical onyx necklace 69,761,548
Grace of the elves.png Grace of the elves 75,695,785
Alchemical onyx ring.png Alchemical onyx ring 67,221,650
Luck of the Dwarves.png Luck of the Dwarves 73,189,141
Passage of the abyss.png Passage of the abyss 69,640,146
Ingenuity of the Humans ability codex.png Ingenuity_of_the_Humans_ability_codex 134,703,854